February 5, 2011

What happened to Hakim aka Hakizzle (B.G.'s Brother)

First named HAKIM, this rapper (B.G.'s brother) started his career in the rap industry with his first record deal to Chopper City Records. In 2002, with his older brother B.G. was the hardest working artist in CCR. That's why he projected the release of his debut album called Street Poetry in 2003, with single included to download free (My Year) in Chopper City Records website. Previusly, B.G. released "Round Here" and "Blues Brothers" songs for free.

But.. who is Hakim? Reading his biography we can do an idea of the card presentation of a artist like him; Known around New Orleans, as B.Gizzles brother, Hakim Dorsey, Kimi (pronounced Keemi) or HaKizzle pulls the chain and has the vision to grow his career as a rap and hip-hop artist to multi-platinum status like his rap star brother who is a member of the Hot Boys (Cash Money/Universal Records). A young street poet unlocking the game in order to play the board, Hakim burns words to paper and gives voice to the stories from around the way. Running on the inside of the industry, Hakim learned to write, rhyme, arrange, freestyle and studio style from B.Gizzle. He lived the tours with B.Gizzle as he traveled the nation and was the hype man before Cash Money headliners like the Hot Boys. Raw, blazin and fresh, HaKizzle appears on tracks by industry heavy weights like: B.Gizzle's album (Spring 2002); Lil Wayne (In stores now); Turk (Young and Thuggin); and Mack 10 (November 2001). So now, Hakim breaks out and pens Street Poetry, his debut CD, featuring B.Gizzle and from his squad, The Sopranos: Van, Josh and Eric.

Street Poetry (Promotional Poster)

Unfortunately, "Street Poetry" never saw the light in the streets or stores, only it was revealed the front cover and some tracks appeared in their promo of Street Poetry (#8 Tracks).  

"Hakim has decided to work with several producers to complete Street Poetry: Kenoe (Laboratory Entertainment); Eugene Stephens (Platinum Entertainment); Head Nod Productions (Chad Elliott, Curtis Siggers, Eric Williams and Dante LeSane). This will allow him to showcase different styles within rap and also to expand into hip-hop. As he moves along the board, he will stop to have a career with Madison Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. Ecko, Ltd. has expressed serious interest in Hakim wearing their gear in videos interviews and photo shoots, etc.. At 19 years old, there are all possibilities. So, now that his little brother is on the rise, B.G. supports Hakim's career while the tour continues."

After those years, Hakim would be a frequent collaborator of different mixtapes in the label. After the union of Gar, Snipe and Hakizzle the group Chopper City Boyz was founded. Sponsored by B.G., they debuted with their first album called "We Got This". In the promotion of the album and the group, Hakim was seen only in a few different appearances. No Rap City and no other TV appearances.Fans were confused, so the rumor was starting in various websites that Hakim left the world of rap music. All this rumors were confirmed by the exclusion of the next release of the Chopper City Boyz (Life In The Concrete Jungle) where VL Mike, had been killed months earlier.

In various interviews B.G. stated that his brother has locked up, but other state as follows:

Hakizzle a solo act now, he doin his thing. My brother laid back, he all good.
SOURCE (August 1, 2008)

"My little brother wants to take a break. He’s just lying back chilling like a fat rat. He really doesn’t like this rap shit, he thinks it’s fake. He doesn’t even want to fuck with it. He still been up in the studio recording and doing his thing and I’ve been on his case but he just ain’t feeling it. He is way cooler than I was when I was his age. My little brother goes hard but he just ain’t feeling this shit."
(October 10, 2009)

So, what is what really happened to Hakim?


Unknown said...

I remember when I was a dancer and he was a drum major in 28 jr. high he a cool person had a big crush on him

petyanice said...

He was one of my favorite rapper he just had that original hot boy swag exactly what b.g. roster needed too bad dude didn't came out with he's only CD that was promised. Im sure it would of been classic

Calarcon said...

street poetry was classic fym

Unknown said...

Herd he got sic