May 29, 2013

Cash Money Millionaires 2000 Full Roster Ad (Picture)

Here is one of my treasures related to Cash Money Records history. 

As you can see is a two-page magazine ad where you can find the full roster of Cash Money Records in 2000 year. First in the background the two bosses or CEO's "Baby" and "Slim", second the underboses "Lil Wayne", "Juvenile", "Turk", "Mac(?) 10", "B.G" and the house-producer called in this ocasion consegliere "Mannie Fresh". Third, and for last, the new faces of Cash Money Millionaires called "The Capos"; "Lac" & "Stone" (after called "D-Boyz"), Christina, Mikkey Halsted, Lil Derrick and Hakim (B.G.'s brother). 

This is the original poster where you probally saw the first and only picture of Baby's nephew Derrick, so enjoy that!

RIP Killa Stone

May 28, 2013

Cash Money Millionaires - Live On Tour 2000 (Sacramento)

Here is my second gift to all Cash Money Millionaires fans. I re-upped this VHS to Mega. Filmed live on April 14, 2000 at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, Cash Money Millionaires features the assorted talent of the rappers on the Cash Money record label. Juvenile, B.G., Lil Wayne, and Hot Boys -- who just picked up a 2000 Source Award for "Best Group" -- all represent on this raucously raunchy hip hop video. A highlight is Juvenile's expressive performance of his Mtv hit, "Back That Thang Up."

Recorded live at the Arco Arena, Sacramento, California.

Additional Details
Genre:    Musical & Performing Arts
Format:    VHS
Display Format:    Parental Advisory

U Understand, Help, The Block is Hot, I Need a Hot Girl, 400 Degreez, Rich Niggaz, Cash Money Is An Army, Ha, We On Fire, Bling Bling and Back That Azz Up

May 27, 2013

Gutta Da Kid ft. Rick Ross, B.G. - Da Supplier (Throwback)

Here is my first gift in this special anniversary-week. I've uploaded to YouTube a throwback of Gutta da Kid with Rick Ross and our favourite rapper B.G. Very decent song with a awesome verse of Geezy and a deep-synth beat. 
Released in Internet 8 years ago with no promotion... I think that's good start for this week. 
Contais NO DJ version. 

Stay tuned and coming back tomorrow for more material!

May 25, 2013

May 13, 2013

Q. Corvette - "1AM Promo: Jazzfest 2013" (Video Teaser)

Quienten Corvette performs Jazzfest 2013 with The Black Pearl and the Congo Stage. 
 1AM Mixtape coming soon...

Diplo / Major Lazer interview with DJ Mike Swift

Diplo / Major Lazer links up with New Orleans based DJ / Producer Mike Swift while visiting New Orleans to discuss Buku Fest, Free the Universe album, collabs and appreciation for New Orleans Hip Hop Artist such as Mysikal, Cash Money and more.  Mike Swift is prepping for New Orleans Jazz Fest and Essence Fest and scheduled to release a free EP due this summer. 

 Artist(s) name: Diplo, Major Lazer, Mike Swift
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Video director: Mally X
Location video was shot at: New Orleans, Louisiana

May 7, 2013

CMR Plannin' a New Big Tymers Album with Drake?

The duo of Birdman and Mannie Fresh may return after nearly 10 years, though it's either getting an addition or a replacement in Drake.

Between 1998 and 2003, the Big Tymers released five albums. The early breakthrough duo for Cash Money Records included producer/rapper Mannie Fresh and label co-founder/rapper Birdman (p/k/a Baby). The group disbanded in 2003, after Mannie Fresh left Cash Money, citing financial disputes, before signing a solo deal at Def Jam Records.

In the last two years, there has been discussion of Mannie Fresh producing for Cash Money acts—namely Mystikal—with whom he was working with before the longtime No Limit/Jive Records act signed with CMR.

Lil Wayne made a bold revelation though, telling MTV's Rap Fix that there is a "possibility" of a Big Tymers reunion, with a multi-platinum addition. "[There is] a possibility of a Big Tymers album—adding Drake. But that kid is busy; there's all kinds of possibilities." At present it is unclear if the album would include Mannie Fresh.

Wayne also dismissed plans of immediate upcoming plans for Tha Carter VI album.

Video: MTV:com

August Alsina - The Product 2 (Mixtape)

May 3, 2013

Pimpin Magnolia - Just Dont Know What 2 Do (Official Mixtape)

Pimpin Magnolia Is Back On da piff once again with his 3rd mixtape.featuers by Gillie Da Kid, Frank Real, B3, Crytikal, Black Mike, Jason Lyric, QuarterKey, Dell Gunna, Mr Marcelo, Ike Murk, Shelly Shellz, Chuck, Yung G-Wop, ymcmb Boo, Beezy, Soulja Fatt, & Jukey. Also have producers like quarterkey, Big Ro, and Track Addict. 

 Engineered by Frank Real, QuarterKey, Track Addict, Wartunez, Fresh Ent, and more.  

Bonka of Da Goonz - U.O.E.N.O. (New Single)

Bonka Of “Da Goonz”drops the first song from his upcoming “Freestyle 2″ Mixtape.

Uploaded by DirtyGloveBastard

Menace - Turn Down 4 What (Prod. by Sinista)

Soulja Slim: The Heartbeat Of A City (External Article)

 Written by: Sonnie Inkstar @Sonnie_inkstar

A whole city became silent as an eerie feeling floated from ward to ward on November 26, 2003 from news spreading about the murder of one of the brightest stars the place had to offer.

New Orleans hip-hop artist Soulja Slim represented New Orleans with every verse; you could hear the uptown in him with every syllable he uttered. When Soulja was killed, New Orleans lost a legend and the rest of the world was cheated out of the next great hip-hop talent.

From spitting as Magnolia Slim as a youngin to rocking the No Limit tank and starting Cut Throat Committy as a vet in the game, Slim always rapped what he was feeling on the mic and, as a listener, you could feel his passion through your speakers. Whether it was talking about his drug habits, gangster life style to police or racial profiling, Soulja always found a way to connect with the fans to help them envision the picture he was painting with his words.

You could be the lamest person in the world but, for those five minutes of that Soulja song, you were straight from the streets. For those of you that were lucky enough to hear Soulja from day one, you knew his greatness. For those of you that weren’t, here’s your chance to get caught up on some of his music.

I’m basically just writing this to pay homage to one of my favorite rappers and in the process making sure that we don’t forget about how dope hip-hop can be when you’re an artist that’s doing it for the love.

R.I.P Soulja 

Buzy - Dream On (Official Video)

Directed by Jonathan Isaac Jackson
Produced by Jamall Jackson + Jonathan Jackson