February 25, 2011

Juvenile Next Project To Be On Rap-A-Lot

In 2004, New Orleans, Louisiana rapper Juvenile and his UTP group released The Beginning of the End on Houston, Texas' famed Rap-A-Lot Records imprint. While Juvenile is best known as a Cash Money Records artist, as he was in the '90s and early '00s, the Hot Boys member has had more recent stints with Atlantic Records and E1 Entertainment. In a brief-but-rare interview with Rap-A-Lot's head, James "J." Prince, revealed to TheSource.com that Juvy has returned to the house that The Geto Boys built.

"We don't have a title for [Juvenile's album] yet. He has a real exciting single that I'm real crazy about. If I have it my way, the whole Cash Money crew is gonna be on there. They were family in the beginning, and I look at it and view 'em as family now," said Prince, presumably referring to Juvenile's former group, the Hot Boys - which consisted of B.G., Turk and Lil Wayne.

February 23, 2011

Hitz International (Media Kit)


HITZ International is a New Orleans, Louisiana based powerhouse, headed up by the legendary Black Menace & Partners N Crime. Formerly of Big Boy Records, one of the country’s first multi-million dollar earning independent labels, HITZ International is one of the best underground and attractive labels of Louisiana.

Here is a little description of each artists:

JAY JONES is a young lyricist with talent beyond reproach. He’s the song of J-Dawg from Black Menace, which means he has had instilled in him since a young age, immeasurable talent & wisdom of the music industry. Jay Jones will be a name that will be seen for many decades to come, and one that rivals talent from around the country. He is currently preparing to drop his second mixtape project, “Only If You Kool Enough 2”, and young Jay is working hard to brand his Chill Society Movement. Given Jay Jones’ solid charm & versatility, the sky is the limit for this young talent.

Facebook Fan Page
Twitter: @JayJ0nes

THE SMASH BROS; Comprised of Chedda Man & T-Stacks, this duo brings the trap to mainstream. Lyrically blessed with clever & catchy rhymes, the Smash Bros are set to pick up where many a young rapper left off. In addition to their music, the Smash Bros are working on a documentary about their lives, along with quite a few other projects in the entertainment industry. The Smash Bros bring a street level appeal to the industry, while identifying with entertaining the masses.

Twitter: @SmashBrosChedda

STY is a New Orleans RnB sensation, Sty’s music brings us back to an era where you could feel the music as well as hear it. Sty is that artist who can make you visualize his lyrics, as he brings them alive through his magnificent voice & brilliant delivery.

BLAZE (formerly of the Blockburnaz) – Having been one of the youngest rap artists to have a successful career as a young teen, Blaze is currently working on much more than rap. He’s also delving deeper into the RnB side of music, as well as working with the HITZ legends; J-Dawg of Black Menace and Mr. Meana and Kango Slimm of Partners N Crime. Blaze is truly coming into his own; he is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off stage.


BOSSMAN SUPERIOR; Bossman owns the stage from the moment he steps on it that means the mic is already his. He has a solid perspective on the streets, politics, and many other aspects of city life, yet Bossman is able to blend fluidly with people from all walks of life. A “504” original, Bossman has made it his mission to enable others to understand struggle, as well as the highs lows of life, as it pertains to ultimate success. This young man most definitely has what it takes to make it in the music industry; it remains to be seen to what level this prolific talent can take his career.

Facebook Page

We also would be glad to make Black Menace or Partners N Crime, two legendary New Orleans groups, available for interview/feature.

Interviews / Features / Booking
Arlene Culpepper @ hitzintpublicity@yahoo.com / 337.298.2385
We greatly appreciate your consideration.

February 22, 2011

Cash Money Degreez Audio Wishlist

I'm Interested in trade music with YOU.

If you got one of this items in audio, please send me a email.

I got alot of shit that you will probally interested.

* B.G. & Maal The Pimp - The Streets Gone Feel Me Vol. 1
* Dj Hektik & B.G. - Built To Last 2
* Dj Hektik & B.G. - Chopper City Radio
* Dj Hektik & B.G. - Chopper City Radio Street Approved 1,5
* Dj Hektik & B.G. - Da Come Back Kid
* Dj Hektik & Chopper City Records - Building From Scratch
* Dj Hektik & Chopper City Records - Built To Last 1,5
* Dj Hektik - Play It How It Go (Hosted by Chopper City)
* Dj Skno & B.G. - What The Streetz Want Vol. 3
* Hot Boy Ronald - On The Bottom Of The Map
* Kango Slim - Autotune Nation
* Lil Slim - Let The Street Be Tha Court
* Maal The Pimp - Bet Money, We Got It Right
* Magnolia Boyz - Real Round Here
* Mr. Meana - I Aint No Joke
* Ms. Tee - Chillin On The Corner
* Ms. Tee - Girl Talk (The Mixtape)
* Next 2 Blow - New Orleans 2009
* Popeye - The Comeback
* PxMxWx - Unreleased Classics Vol. 1
* Redd Eyezz ft. Juvenile - Put Yo Sets Up (Full CDS)
* Stevie Drumma - On The Beat
* UNLV - Scrap Up!
* VL Mike - Collector's Choice Vol. 1
* Waka Flocka - Comunnity Service 3 (Hosted by Turk & C-Murder)
* Young Money - Life
* Young Soulja Skrilla - Supahero Vol. 1; The Experiment
* Young'N - A Rydaz Testimony
* Yung Soulja Skrilla - Hot As a Heata (Super Hero Mixtape Vol. 2)

One Year Later After Turk's Brother Was Murdered

Hotboy Turk also known as Young Turk has been incarcerated now 7 years as he is prepares himself to face the world soon. Turk's dedication, concerns, and efforts to save his hometown New Orleans had increased when receiving news one year ago today that his younger brother had been murdered.

Turk did radio interviews, conference calls, and also created the foundation, "Save The Nolia" as a step forward towards putting an end to violence in New Orleans and across the world. Behind walls Turk has created master plans for helping the youth and has shown support to several Stop The Violence organizations. Today Young Turk released this song in dedication to his younger brother Ronald "Rilo" Smith that he titled "Save The Nolia".

February 20, 2011

UTP Reunion; Juve & Skip In Studio

Juvenile Featured on WC's 'Revenge of the Barracuda'

Alineación al centro

On March 8, 2011, former Westside Connection emcee WC is releasing his Revenge of the Barracuda through his Big Swang/E1 Entertainment venture. After releasing an EP last year, the South Central, California veteran will be dropping his first full-length since 2007's Guilty By Affiliation.

Revenge of the Barracuda will feature longtime bandmate and peer Ice Cube, as well as Tha Dogg Pound, Juvenile and Kokane. The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Revenge Of The Barracuda
02. You Know Me (feat. Ice Cube & Maylay)
03. Reality Show
04. What’s Good (feat. Kokane)
05. Walkin In My Taylors
06. That’s What I’m Talking About
07. Stickin To The Script (feat. Tha Dogg Pound, Badd Lucc, & Soopafly)
08. 100% Legit
09. D Boy
10. Hustla (feat. Juvenile)
11. The Spot (feat. Maylay)
12. Dub C
13. Dr. Mandingo (Bonus Track)
14. Back To The Basics (feat. All City & Double Gunnz)

February 15, 2011

Juvenile: The UTP Years (Part 1; 2004 to Present)

In 2004, Juvenile and his UTP crew went on to create the hit song "Nolia Clap" produced by Donald XL Robertson, and Juvenile was able to use this as leverage in getting a new deal for himself and UTP at Atlantic Records. In June of that year, he performed his song "Booty Language" from the soundtrack to the film Hustle and Flow at a party in West Hollywood, California. This song was produced by Sinista Traxx. However, Juvenile's Slidell, Louisiana home was damaged but not destroyed in Hurricane Katrina near the end of the summer in August 2005. In the aftermath of the hurricane, he worked with fellow New Orleans rapper Master P and other hip hop artists to raise funds and supplies for the victims of the hurricane.

Thus, he moved to Atlanta to live until the spring of 2006, when he moved back to New Orleans.

In 2006, the gold album Reality Check which brought back Juvenile to the acclaim he once had. At that time, his label consisted of Skip, Wacko, Partners-N-Crime, D-Boyz, Redd Eyezz & Big Zuse. Reality Check debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, being his first number-one album. Production began in May 2005, most of it being done at a Holiday Inn hotel room in New Orleans. Its first single was "Animal", followed by "Rodeo", "Get Ya Hustle On" produced by Donald XL Robertson, produced by Sinista Freeman, and "What's Happenin'" "Way I Be Leanin" featuring Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Skip and Wacko. A portion of the album was recorded with engineer, Stewart Cararas at his studio Paradigm Park Studios in New Orleans. Within one month, the studio suffered the wrath off Hurricane Katrina. Stewart now lives and operates in Los Angeles. In this album, Sinista produced 7 songs + 1 bonus track. On signing to Atlantic, Juvenile criticized his former label Cash Money for not giving him enough creative freedoms as well as Federal Emergency Management Agency over his perceptions over their handling of Hurricane Katrina. Shaheem Reid noted "Get Ya Hustle On" as a criticism of the George W. Bush administration.

Later, there were a number of years plagued by rumors and mixtapes where Juvenile disappeared from the world of hip-hop. At the time, Skip & Wacko had left the label UTP and they were planning to release his second album 'Back Like We Left Something'. This great album, was produced the 90 percent by Sinista. All the rumors pointed to the release of the album 'Diary of a Soulja' that just stayed in a internet-leak. On this album, Juvenile had a more subdued sound, with production of Mannie Fresh and collaborations with Akon, T-Pain, Mannie Fresh & Kourtney Heart.

A year & a half passed until Juvenile hit the studio heavy in 2009. In a 2009 interview, Juvenile stated that his album Cocky & Confident would take a totally different direction from his last project, which was made when he was still "mourning Katrina." He also revealed that he decided to work only with fresh, young producers on the album and discussed his respect for younger artists like Dorrough & Soulja Boy.

Cocky & Confident was released in December 2009. It peaked at #49 on the Billboard 200. It was Juvenile's lowest charting album since 1997. It featured one charting single, "Gotta Get It", which peaked at #53 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart. This album left us big surprises like the perfect combination of Juvenile and B.G. in 'Feelin Right' or 'Listen' with Q Corvette.

Months later, Juvenile, announced a new album called 'Beast Mode' dedicated especially to women and the dance which the album be composed of 11 songs. All personnel for the project was produced by his new in-house producers S-8ighty and C. Smith, who produced the first single called "Drop That Thang." A very different album that had not seen lot of sales. There are only a few guest features on the album: Verse Simmons, Juvy Jr. (Juvenile's son), and Cape. We're still waiting the final version of La La La video. There was a rumor that Juvenile's Beast Mode album cover was a rip off of Drake's Thank Me Later cover. That rumor was later debunked, and most importantly false.

It is now known that his return to Cash Money Records is false, but his return to Universal it's true. Juvenile is more of an affiliate of CMR for the time being with him only currently signed to a Group Deal for the Hot Boys album under Cash Money.

He plans on releasing a new album. According to Sinista, no title as of right now. There is no currently set release date, but the album's first leaked track is "Like Uhh Hann" produced by Sinista. This album is being produced mainly by Sinista Traxx with a few tracks from C. Smith and maybe a song by S80, Steve Below and Drumma Boy. There is plenty of energy left in Juvenile & UTP Records.. SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!

by Money Mack & Kruze

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Happy Birthday to Baby from Cash Money Degreez. Bryan Williams (his real name) born February 15, 1969.
He is better known by his stage name Birdman or Baby, is an American rapper
and record executive from New Orleans, Louisiana.

February 14, 2011

February 13, 2011

Baller Blockin Movie (DVDRIP) 2 Links

A dramatic portrayal of the everyday trials and tribulations that arise on the hometown streets of the Cash Money Millionaires record label, New Orleans, Louisiana. Starring Big Tymer Bryan "Baby" Williams, Ronald "Slim" Williams, Juvenile, B.G., Lil Wayne, Turk, and Big Tymer Mannie Fresh with cameos by comedians A.J. Johnson (FRIDAY) and T.K. Kirkland. Plus, BALLER BLOCKIN contains many of the label's biggest hits. The premier release from the new Cash Money Films production company.


*** VIDEO INFO ***
Input Type : XVID(GVC)
Input Size : 480 x 368
Output Type : YUY2
Output Size : 480 x 368
FrameRate(Frame/sec) : 0.00 (23.98)

*** AUDIO INFO ***
SampleRate(Sample/sec) : 48000
BitRate(Bit/sample) : 16
Channels : 2
KBitRate(KBit/sec) : 107

Raw Dizzy - The Raw Report

Here is the new mixtape of Raw Dizzy aka Raw D.I.
Featuring Dj Drama, Kidd Kidd, Russel Lee, Mannie Fresh, Cupid, The Show, Mugsy and more.
Productions by Mannie Fresh, Stevie Drumma, Sinista, Raj Smoove...

DOWNLOAD FREE (Include the 'Quit Hatin' video)

February 8, 2011

Tech N9ne & Lil Wayne In The Studio

While Lil Wayne was incarcerated last year, he said he wanted to work with Tech N9ne.
And from the looks of it, their plans are finally in motion. Let’s see what they do with it.

Happy Birthday Young Turk

Happy Birthday to Young Turk.
Hope you'll be free in a min

February 5, 2011

What happened to Hakim aka Hakizzle (B.G.'s Brother)

First named HAKIM, this rapper (B.G.'s brother) started his career in the rap industry with his first record deal to Chopper City Records. In 2002, with his older brother B.G. was the hardest working artist in CCR. That's why he projected the release of his debut album called Street Poetry in 2003, with single included to download free (My Year) in Chopper City Records website. Previusly, B.G. released "Round Here" and "Blues Brothers" songs for free.

But.. who is Hakim? Reading his biography we can do an idea of the card presentation of a artist like him; Known around New Orleans, as B.Gizzles brother, Hakim Dorsey, Kimi (pronounced Keemi) or HaKizzle pulls the chain and has the vision to grow his career as a rap and hip-hop artist to multi-platinum status like his rap star brother who is a member of the Hot Boys (Cash Money/Universal Records). A young street poet unlocking the game in order to play the board, Hakim burns words to paper and gives voice to the stories from around the way. Running on the inside of the industry, Hakim learned to write, rhyme, arrange, freestyle and studio style from B.Gizzle. He lived the tours with B.Gizzle as he traveled the nation and was the hype man before Cash Money headliners like the Hot Boys. Raw, blazin and fresh, HaKizzle appears on tracks by industry heavy weights like: B.Gizzle's album (Spring 2002); Lil Wayne (In stores now); Turk (Young and Thuggin); and Mack 10 (November 2001). So now, Hakim breaks out and pens Street Poetry, his debut CD, featuring B.Gizzle and from his squad, The Sopranos: Van, Josh and Eric.

Street Poetry (Promotional Poster)

Unfortunately, "Street Poetry" never saw the light in the streets or stores, only it was revealed the front cover and some tracks appeared in their promo of Street Poetry (#8 Tracks).  

"Hakim has decided to work with several producers to complete Street Poetry: Kenoe (Laboratory Entertainment); Eugene Stephens (Platinum Entertainment); Head Nod Productions (Chad Elliott, Curtis Siggers, Eric Williams and Dante LeSane). This will allow him to showcase different styles within rap and also to expand into hip-hop. As he moves along the board, he will stop to have a career with Madison Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. Ecko, Ltd. has expressed serious interest in Hakim wearing their gear in videos interviews and photo shoots, etc.. At 19 years old, there are all possibilities. So, now that his little brother is on the rise, B.G. supports Hakim's career while the tour continues."

After those years, Hakim would be a frequent collaborator of different mixtapes in the label. After the union of Gar, Snipe and Hakizzle the group Chopper City Boyz was founded. Sponsored by B.G., they debuted with their first album called "We Got This". In the promotion of the album and the group, Hakim was seen only in a few different appearances. No Rap City and no other TV appearances.Fans were confused, so the rumor was starting in various websites that Hakim left the world of rap music. All this rumors were confirmed by the exclusion of the next release of the Chopper City Boyz (Life In The Concrete Jungle) where VL Mike, had been killed months earlier.

In various interviews B.G. stated that his brother has locked up, but other state as follows:

Hakizzle a solo act now, he doin his thing. My brother laid back, he all good.
SOURCE (August 1, 2008)

"My little brother wants to take a break. He’s just lying back chilling like a fat rat. He really doesn’t like this rap shit, he thinks it’s fake. He doesn’t even want to fuck with it. He still been up in the studio recording and doing his thing and I’ve been on his case but he just ain’t feeling it. He is way cooler than I was when I was his age. My little brother goes hard but he just ain’t feeling this shit."
(October 10, 2009)

So, what is what really happened to Hakim?

B.G. Talks About Astro Clown Productions

Behind The Scenes (Gar & B.G.)

'On a Mission /Bodybags'


February 4, 2011

February 3, 2011

GLASSES MALONE: Interview 2/2/11

Mack & Malone - Money Muzik drops APRIL 12th, 2011!

"Beach Cruiser", depending on the new singles success....it could drop in the Summer.

Malone says he needs to get these albums out by August at the latest.

February 2, 2011

February 1, 2011

Curren$y signs to Warner!!!

Its been Rumored For The Past Few Weeks That Curren$y May Have Signed To Warner But Its Been Confirmed!

Curren$y Signed To Another Major! Don't Think The Mans Gonna Sell Out Or Anything! It's Still Jet Life, With This Move Curren$y Made He Is Putting His Homies In Better Position!
He Also Secured A Label Deal With Warner For His Imprint, Jets International!

Expect A Project From Young Roddy As Well As Fiend, The Two Were Featured On Pilot Talk 2! Curren$y Is Set To Release His First Project Through Warner April 20th. Produced Entirely By The Alchemist, A 10-12 Track EP Called Covert Coup!