July 29, 2012

(EXCLUSIVE) Interview With Turk from Prison!

"My official release date is 10/12/2012

[EXCLUSIVE] Here is a very special moment for the webpage. In exclusive, from Forrest City (Low) prison we contacted Turk and we asked him several questions and have reviewed his musical career. Also, I must say this is the first exclusive interview to Turk in years.  In 2005, Turk was convicted on federal charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, a fugitive from justice in possession of a firearm, and an unlawful user addicted to a controlled substance in possession of a firearm.  

He was sentenced to 10 years of incarceration. In 2006, he entered an Alford plea in Tennessee state court to second-degree attempted murder, based on the same incident, and was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment. Now, Turk breaks his silence in this interview from prison: 

What up Turk? What is your current situation right now? When is your projected release from jail, in October??
What’s thuggin’ my G!!!! My current situation is that I’m incarcerated at Forrest City (Low) Federal Penitentiary. My official release date is 10/12/2012.

Your inprisonment is one of many in the hip hop world. You always said that you’re innocent like other rappers like Mac and C-Murder. What’s happening between rappers and the US justice?
I know that it’s a conspiracy going on. We making a whole lot of money and we are black, so the first chance they get, they’re attacking like pirannas… trying to take us out the game.

The fans have been about 4 years without any news about you. Why the Free Turk movement started in Internet the last year and not before?
It all was in god’s timing… I was fighting in the court for my freedom and I really didn’t want all the publicity being taken the wrong way… by the powers that be. 

I’ve seen Capito, Bun B, Lil B, Ke’Noe and many other rappers supporting you. The Free Turk Movement each day got more fans and rappers. What is the first objective with this campaign?
The Free Hot Boy Turk Movement now is first letting the world know that it’s my time and I’m coming 10 x’s a 100. 
Emani Da Made Woman & Turk

The hip hop scene was shocked about the murder of your brother and your request for help in Ozone Magazine. Does the response of the people and the hip hop community have been positive?

I appreciate all the support I got from fans and friends during my loss of Ronald “Rilo” Smith; that was the hardest thing I ever dealt with. I never cried hard until I lost my lil brotha. Rest In Peace Rilo – It’s a block party every year!!!

So, what artists have contacted you in jail to help you get through your situation since the first days?
It was plenty rappers reaching out to me since I been locked up… B.G., Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Ke’Noe, Emani Da Made Woman, Rocko, T.I., Paul Wall, Trae Tha Truth, Capito aka The N.O. Capo, Waka Flocka… just to name a few. 

Which Cash Money/Laboratory/YNT former member has been trying to help you the most in your situation and what have they done for you?
Everybody has done what they could for me and I appreciate that because some niggas get in these types of situations and have nobody. Steve who was my homeboy and manager also did for me before he was found murder. 

How much material have you recorded since you've been in jail? What are some of the stories you have witnessed in the pen or been through yourself since you been in the pen?
I recorded a couple mixtape songs while in jail. That’s on my YouTube Account. I have seen it all while being in the (pen) man, it’s too much to say right now, but you can get exclusive stories in my book “The Autothugography of Turk”

When you get out, what are your future plans in hip-hop and as a free man? Do you plan on moving back to N.O.?
y is first when I get out, then it’s back to work… the album, my book, my movie and YNT empire. Of course, New Orleans will always be my home but I’m moving to Atlanta and Miami though… 

Once released, how soon should we expect the new Hot Boys album to drop?
All can I say, you can expect the Hot Boy Turk album to drop very, very soon!

Rumors said that you’re truly resigning with Cash Money Records when released? As now, are you finished with Laboratory Recordz and Ke’Noe?
Me and Ke’Noe good, and I’mma just say it like this… “Cleveland wanted Lebron, but he went to the Heat… I’m going where they winning!"
Hot Boy Turk in Magnolia Projects during Cash Money days

Was there ever really an unreleased album "Untamed Guerrilla"? If so, will it be released?
Yes! I don’t think I will release it because I’ve grown to another level… Young –N- Thuggin but I’m grown up. 

Talk about your record label. Who is on the official roster for your YNT Music label?
YNT is inspired from my first solo album with Cash Money (Young N Thuggin). I felt it only right to brand my label since I’ve the leverage right now YNT empire where. (Visions get inspired). 
 YNT we all gone eat, we got next!! I’m looking for young (acts) who can represent what YNT stand for. Right now, we have a female artist called Emani da Made Woman out of Memphis and myself.  

I think that you’re working in some projects like a book. Can you explain that? When is the tentative title for your next solo album? Who do you wanna work with?
I’ve wrote and autobiography with co-author Terrance “Tea Mack” Mcclurge while being at Forrest City (Low) Prison. This is straight raw and uncut about my life. I talk about me being on heroin’cocaine and my days at Cash Money Records. My album title is “The Audiothugography of Turk” and also I want to work with whole Young Money, Maybach Music, Good Music and whoever else going hard. 

Remembering the Hot Boys era, who was your closest road dawg during your Cash Money days?
Me and Lil Wayne was very close during the Hot Boys era and I talk about a lot of our moments we had in my book. 

How did you get signed to Cash Money? With who you was rapping before and how did Baby & Slim discover you?
These information it’s all in my book!

What is your favourite rappers right now? And your influences?
My favorite rapper right now, and forever will be myself!!!!  My son influences me..
Shoot out to my fiance (Erica) who has been there through thick and thin, my momma Pam, my son, the whole New Orleans (Uptown and Down Town). RIP Rilo and Steve,  and I want all my (f)riends (a)lways (n)ever (s)hady to know, that I won't let them down..
Free B.G… I gotcha’ dawg --- when I touch down and all my team YNT at Forrest City and around the world. 
Keep it Thuggin. 10 x’s a 100…. 

From CMDEGREEZ.com we wanna thank Turk again for his time and patience in this interview. 
 Any media source, or blog, that uses this interview must credit CMDEGREEZ.com. 

July 28, 2012

​ B.G. feat. Michael Stokes - Too Hood (NEW Song)

Brand new song of B.Gizzle featuring Michael Stokes and produced by Oddz -N- Endz. 
Too Hood is the name, looks like a leftover of Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood album; the lastest album of B.G.

July 20, 2012

B.G. Sentenced to 14 Years In Federal Prison

A 31-year-old local rapper who gained international acclaim for his gritty songs detailing drug dealing, violence and a no-snitch mantra was sentenced Wednesday to 14 years in federal prison for gun possession and witness tampering. Christopher Dorsey, better known as B.G. or Baby Gangsta, was an original member of the 1990s rap super group the Hot Boys. His most recent album, "Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood," came out in 2009 on Atlantic Records. 

The New Orleans-born rap artist toured the world, but a 2009 traffic stop in eastern New Orleans -- combined with a lengthy criminal history -- marked the end of his freedom. In federal court Wednesday, the hefty Dorsey wore a jail jumpsuit, and for unknown reasons, sat in a wheelchair. 

His demeanor was a far cry from the grinning, on-top-of-the-world hip-hop hero who drove fancy cars and cavorted with scantily-clad women in music videos. Dorsey had previously pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm during a 2009 traffic stop in eastern New Orleans. But later, he obstructed justice by pushing one of his two associates to falsely claim ownership of the gun. 

Dorsey confessed to the crimes but prosecutors made clear that he was not cooperating, staying in line with the "no-snitch" philosophy he so often espoused in his songs.

In "I Ain't Tellin", he raps: "I won't snitch, never tell, if the law comes and get me, I'm gonna sit my ass in jail."

And in one his recent videos, Dorsey makes an apparent reference to his own case, proclaiming "This f--king ratting s--t, man, this s--t here is getting out of hand," he says. "Man, it's call T-Y-C. Take Your Charge." 

Dorsey was arrested with Demounde Pollard, 20, and Jerod Fedison, 30. Police found three guns, along with loaded magazines. Two of the guns had been reported stolen and the car itself had been stolen from an Alamo rental car parking lot. 

Pollard confessed to ownership of the guns, though it was later revealed to be at the behest of Dorsey. The state criminal case was eventually moved to federal court and both Pollard and Fedison pleaded guilty, paving the way for the charges against Dorsey. Pollard reached a plea agreement with prosecutors and was sentenced to 30 months in prison; Fedison, with an extensive criminal record, received a 20-year sentence. Prosecutors have linked Dorsey in court filings to two of the city's most high-profile alleged murderers, Telly Hankton and Walter Porter. Dorsey name-checks both men in videos posted online.

Hankton, recently convicted in one murder and serving a life sentence, has been called Public Enemy No. 1 by local police and prosecutors, who have alleged that he ran a sprawling drug empire whose markets were enforced with violence. He is currently awaiting trial on another murder. Porter is currently in jail, charged with killing the brother of a witness in a killing perpetrated by Hankton. 

These videos became a much-debated topic in the courtroom. Prosecutors seeking a 25-year prison sentence pointed to them as evidence of Dorsey's wide-ranging criminal activity. 

"These videos are horrendous, especially in this city right now," Assistant U.S. Attorney Maurice Landrieu told the judge Wednesday. He talked of the city's "cycle of violence," and argued that Dorsey was "profiting off it." Dorsey's attorney, J.C. Lawrence, said Dorsey's appearance in the videos is posturing and marketing. "Though many people would frown upon his art," Lawrence said of Dorsey's work, "it is art."

U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan expressed her disdain for the videos, but declined to use them as a basis for the lengthier sentence sought by Landrieu.

She said she believed that Dorsey's songs and videos "may have contributed to the murders of young people" in New Orleans, noting that he extolled retaliation and fostered an atmosphere of violence. "His career has just been deplorable and sad," she added.

Dorsey grew up in Uptown and was signed with Cash Money Records at the age of 13. He was a member of the Hot Boys, a late 1990s group that boasted a roster of big-name rappers including Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Young Turk. He battled heroin addiction and released countless albums and mixtapes throughout his 15-year career. 

The New Orleans Police Department and the federal of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives bureau investigated the case.

Young Greatness feat. Magnolia Chop & Weedy - From The Ghetto (Official Video)

Baby - Bread Over Bed (Official Video)

Money is never a justification for slowing down in the YMCMB family. If any of the label's blossoming proteges should need to be reminded, they can look no further than Cash Money's founding father Bryan "Birdman" Williams. 
The success of the label epitomizes the fact that staying loyal to your team creates an endurance that defies even the industry's most sickly whims.

Directed by Dj Scoob Doo

Raw Dizzy feat. Mugsy, Rantz Davis - Faded

Brand new song of former YM member Raw Dizzy featuring Mugsy and Rantz Davis.
Produced by Stevie Drumma

Trum 11 - Free B.G Free C Murder Free Mac Tribute

July 12, 2012

Jay Da Menace - Dream (Official Video)

Nesby Phips / Mack Maine / Juvenile - Uptown (Official Single)

Bakadahouse Music presents the audio film 0017th Hollygrove Aint Enought starring Nesby Phips & Reem featuring Mack Maine of YMCMB and Juvenile of UTP. Produced by Nesby Phips.
The album it will be released to the public on July 17 via NesbyPhips.com

Dee-1 - Shut Up & Grind (New Single)

Produced by Fliight School Productions. 
#TheFocusTape hosted by DJ Drama and Mannie Fresh drops 9+4-12 (Sept 4th, 2012)

Lil Ya - Mr. YaHeardMe; Hoodmac Mentality (Tracklisting)

Here are the first details of new album by Lil Ya from U.N.L.V. 
For the moment, we havent got a cover but we already know the tracklisting. 
Will be in stores the next August 29 of 2012. More details in Lil Ya's Twitter

01 - The Legend (Intro)
02 - 20 Years Later
03 - The 1 I Trusted feat. Tec-9, Jason Lyric??
04 - Four N Da Mom
05 - ??????
06 - R.I.P.
07 - I Know
08 - Lil Boochie
09 - Love
10 - Fresh
11 - Tribute 2 Bad Ass Yella Boy
12 - Made U (Bounce) feat. Wildboy Nardy, Big Ramp & Fila Phil
13 - Oh No feat. Kym

July 2, 2012

Turk Gets October Release Date

New Orleans rapper Turk, once a member of Cash Money Records’ biggest group the Hot Boys, will finally be released from prison. Turk, who served almost nine years after being convicted for weapons violations, will finally be released from the Forrest City, Arkansas federal prison, on October 12, 2012. Turk, born Tab Vigil Jr., was part of The Hot Boys from 1996-2001.

Now that his prison sentence is behind him, the rapper is planning a new book titled “The AutoThugoGraphy of Turk.” During his nine years incarcerated, Turk also completed a screenplay about his life titled “Reckless,” that he hopes to see make it to the big screen.