November 30, 2011

Mugsy - Pretty Dope (New Mixtape)

Pretty Dope Mixtape (Hosted by Kool Dj SupaMike)

01 - Boomin feat. Menace02 - U Aint Neva Seen feat. Mannie Fresh03 - Dumb04 - Cant Help Myself feat. Paasky05 - Oh Nah feat. Monteco06 - Blow It Down feat. Lil One & Kada07 - Im On That08 - Me feat. Mannie Fresh, Raw Dizzy & The Show09 - Jailhouse Pose10 - My Regal11 - Piano Joint feat. Raw Dizzy & The Show12 - N2U REMIX feat. Kango Slim, Raw Dizzy, 5th Ward Weebie & Big Choo13 - Run Dat Beat feat. Choppa


Release party will be at Allstar Outfitters in Laplace
Thursday Dec 1st from 6:30 to 9:00 [ too many special guest to name ]

November 27, 2011

B.G. Heading To Trial In December; Associate Gets 22 Years

Former Cash Money Records rapper BG will stand trial for gun and obstruction of justice charges early next month. BG, born Christopher Dorsey, was arrested in November of 2009, after police stopped him in a stolen Chevy Tahoe on November.

A search of the vehicle uncovered three guns and two loaded magazines and two extended clips, resulting in charges for BG and the vehicle’s two other occupants. In May of 2011, prosecutors charged BG, Fedison and a third man named Demounde Pollard, with conspiracy.

Earlier this week one of the three men, 29-year-old Jerod Fedison, was sentenced to 22 years in prison for the incident. BG and Fedison are accused of attempting to coerce Pollard into taking the blame for possession of all three guns.

Of the three men, Pollard, who was 17 at the time of his arrest, was the only one without a criminal record. Prosecutors claim they caught Fedison on a recorded call from prison, instructing Pollard’s girlfriend to take the charges the importance of the issue.

Pollard eventually agreed to take the charges, but he later began cooperating with authorities. He is currently serving 30 months in prison.

BG is a convicted felon who has been arrested multiple times over the years. The rapper, who has a lenghy rap sheet for drugs and other charges, will stand trial on December 12.

BG has pleaded not guilty. If he is convicted he faces up to 10 years in prison.

November 26, 2011

8th Anniversary of Soulja Slim Death

Rest in Paradise Soulja Slim
"September 9, 1977 – November 26, 2003"


Cutt Throat Committy - We Miss You Soulja (Soulja Slim Tribute)

November 24, 2011

POLL; Favourite Lil Wayne Chorus?

Great chorus and great production by Mannie Fresh.
And yours? What's your favourite Lil Wayne chorus?

November 23, 2011

New Juvenile Interview @

In his decade-long career, Juvenile has overcome countless hardships, from tragic family deaths and legal disputes, to the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina. Still, the New Orleans native persevered and has released eight solo studio albums and four successful projects with the Hot Boys since breaking onto the scene with his debut studio album on Cash Money Records, "Solja Rags" (1997).

But it wasn't until his sophomore studio album, R&B/Hip-Hop Album No. 2, "400 Degreez," that made people take Cash Money seriously. One track from the album that shined through was Juve's anthemic Hot 100 top 20, "Back That Azz Up," which Young Money member, Drake revamps on "Practice," off "Take Care."

After remaining under the radar for most of 2011, the former Cash Money rapper returns to the game with his ninth studio LP, "Rejuvenation," on Dec. 13. Fans got caught up in a nostalgic trance when Juve's first single "Power," featuring Rick Ross and produced by Mannie Fresh, dropped, showcasing a vintage 'Nawlins flow many had forgotten. During rehearsals before his hometown show, The Juice pulled the seasoned MC away for an update on the forthcoming album, working with Drake and a Hot Boys reunion.

"Power" really turned a lot of heads when it hit the 'net.

I appreciate that man, thank you. That's Mannie, he's a master mind. It's a pleasure to have Mannie Fresh on the team. Sometimes he makes tracks that lead the way for me and this is one of them.

Whose idea was it to sample Snap's "Power"?

That was Manny's idea. A lot of cats hate on me for that but that was a classic. It's kind of amazing the way he took that from there and made it like this. I needed something to send to Rick Ross. That was something that he referenced to me.

A lot of your fans didn't really know the status of your relationship with Mannie.

You know what it was? We'd been bumping heads here and there, doing shows together but we never got a chance to sit down and really get in the studio until now. I'm glad that same man is now 85% on my new album. I think he was chillin' in Houston and I was chillin' in New Orleans and we [were] just doing two different things. I don't think of it as in "separate ways" or like that.

Was it your idea to get Rick Ross on "Power"?

I'm just a fan. I like real, real hip-hop - -when cats really rap, really rhyme and really put words together. I think he's one of them. Ross is in my top five best MCs [out] right now.

Who are the other four?

Right now: Ross, Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye [West], T.I.... that would round out my top five. There's not a lot of other cats [that] I put on that pedestal.

What does your upcoming album, "Rejuvenation," mean to you?

When you've been in this as long as I have, it's kind of hard to be observant you know. I'm not really judging albums like that. What I can say is that it's a real grown album. It's me being myself. I'm not trying to be anyone else. You know me, I'm a cat who's going be as creative as possible.

Are there any other big features on it that we can look forward to?

Drake, it's kind of a more flavorful thing. You know what's funny about that, I never heard the track. I actually went in blind and trusted Mannie. It's more like Drake going to do something and I'm gonna follow him on the song. There are other cats I've worked with like Lloyd, and Trey Songz, that's my guy. Before his career took off I did songs with Trey Songz.


The original Cash Money members have to be involved.
I'd have to get BG, Turk, Wayne and it would have to be like that.
"400 Degreez" was my album but it wasn't just me, it was all of us.


You've mentioned liking Drake's remake of Back That Azz Up".

Yeah, I think he killed his version. His version is more like an R&B song and my song is more like a club record. I think he was creative in taking it somewhere else. I ain't necessarily think he was going make the song exactly like me. It's like R&B with a rap twist.

Speaking of that record, have you ever thought about making a "400 Degreez Pt. II"?

You know what? I was waiting on Universal to come to the table [with] that one. We were talking about it last year. I don't want be the person to go and mess with something that's a classic and not do it justice. The original Cash Money members have to be involved. I'd have to get BG, Turk, Wayne and it would have to be like that. "400 Degreez" was my album but it wasn't just me, it was all of us. It was always a group effort.

It really showed people the struggle going on in Magnolia...

I don't think New Orleans thought that our music could have an impact on the way [of] life. When you're making music you're not trying to think that. You're tying to make some good songs. You're so hungry that you're trying to make a song that's overwhelming so that everybody likes you. That's what it's about. If you can convince people to love your hood and see the way you live and they become interested in the way you live, then you're doing something right.

What are the chances of a Hot Boys reunion?

I would love to do a Hot Boys reunion record. I talk to Baby here and there but it never comes up in the conversation. It's more like, 'How you doing? Is everything okay with you?' We never talk about that. It bothers me like it bothers everybody else. I would love to get a record out there for all the people that never knew anything about the Hot Boys; so they could hear how we sound. [But] It's out of my control.


2011 YMCMB Turkey Giveaway In New Orleans

Filmed by Derrick G; the YMCMB journalist

Calliope Var - Keep It 100 (Official Video)

Directed By Michael Shahin
Coming Soon GUETTO HERO 2.0 (December 13th)
Follow On Twitter @CalliopeVar

Lecture; Mannie Fresh in RBA ( Madrid 2011)

Lecture: Mannie Fresh (Madrid 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

With a record catalog long enough to fill an encyclopedia, Mannie Fresh has basically been the sound of New Orleans hip hop for the past 25 years: producing hits for Nola staples like Lil Wayne, Juvenile, BG, Big Tymers, and bounce queen Cheeky Blakk among others.

In addition, his marching drum snare rolls and 808-heavy production trademarks have been picked up on and incorporated in the dirty south canon at large. In this lecture, hosted by Cocaineblunts' Andrew Noz, he touches on everything from his humble beginnings with local MC, Gregory D, to the Cash Money heydays, and his more recent approach to DJing

November 18, 2011

Raw D. I. aka Dizzy Announcement


Subject of the Message: FREE FEATURE
Deadline: 11/27

November 17, 2011

Hot Boy Ronald - Back Better Than Ever (Album)

2011 EZ Street Music Group

01 - Intro (feat. BlaqNMild)
02 - Fight in This Bitch!!!!
03 - F**k Like U Dance (feat. N.O.Mizzy)
04 - Beat It Up
05 - Smoke Somethin (feat. BlaqNMild & Poppa Blakk)
06 - Beenie Weenie
07 - Miss U (feat. BlaqNMild)
08 - Like That (feat. Ms Tee & Codac)
09 - Hating Ass N****s (feat. Choppa & Dank)
10 - Getting Ready
11 - Goon Walk
12 - Get Off Me
13 - I'm Bless
14 - Red Everything
15 - Pu$$y Pop
16 - I'm Dog
17 - Beenie Weenie (Remix) [Bonus Track] [feat. B.G., Skip & Codac)

B.G. - Hydro (In The Booth) 2003

of Dj Whoo Kid's - Hood Radio Vol. 1. (Track #6)

November 15, 2011

YMCMB Release Schedule

Mannie Fresh Accepts Drake's 'Back That Azz Up" Remake

When music from Drake's sophomore album, 'Take Care,' leaked earlier this week, the standard critique, buzz and discussion flooded the hip-hop universe. But there was one particular song that truly ignited chatter.

To say that 'Practice,' the emo Toronto MC's clever re-working of Juvenile's 1998 classic club workout 'Back That Azz Up,' was a surprise is an understatement. For starters Juve and the throwback track's groundbreaking producer Mannie Fresh both parted ways from Drake's current label home Cash Money Records under negative circumstances -- both claimed they were cheated out of money.

Yet Fresh, who has since made peace with his former label, is giving 'Practice' a thumbs up. "I feel like if there was any new artist on Cash Money that deserves to touch that song it's Drake," Fresh tells The BoomBox. "I met the brother a couple of times and he's been nothing but super cordial. I was DJing in New York and the dude came and rocked the party with me. So that meant a lot to me. I just felt like Drake didn't have to do that. We didn't talk about business... We just had a good time."

Fresh says what impressed him the most was Drake's humble request to use 'Back That Azz Up.'

"We spoke about it before he recorded the song," Fresh says of the evolution of the track. "I even sent him some beats. I know my history and business of it kind of makes it crazy because who he is signed with. But Cash Money reached out to me and handled their business in a professional way. Drake called and made sure to say, 'Get in touch with Mannie, give him whatever he wants and make sure the business is straight.' That's all I've ever asked for. I never had a problem with Cash Money. I just had a problem with the way they did business."

Fresh continues: "I feel like Drake is a different artist. I know he is signed to Cash Money, but I would not put him in the middle of my business with them. I'm big enough to say, "Yo, whatever happened between me and Cash Money should not affect what happens between me and Drake."

And according to Fresh, he still has love for the imprint now headlined by superstar rapper and Young Money mogul Lil Wayne. "I still feel like they are my brothers," he says. "We grew up together. There were things that happened that I didn't like, but I still consider [Birdman] and Ronald [Cash Money co-founder Ronald "Slim" Williams] my brothers. Regardless what anyone of us says -- Juve, B.G., Turk -- we still got Cash Money DNA."

As for the future, Fresh -- who in recent years has produced hits for the likes of T.I. ('Top Back') and Young Jeezy ('And Then What') -- is in the lab working on new music. He points to his latest banger, 'Power,' a recently released Juvenile track that features omnipresent rhyme giant Rick Ross.

"The crazy thing is the track is not one of my greatest songs," Fresh says of the song, which has garnered major press among hip-hop bloggers. "It's just that nobody is doing songs that sound like 'Power.' That's what makes it so good. Everything sounds the same right now on the radio, so let's just go a little different route. I feel good about how the fans have accepted me again. I'm trying to get an album out of Juvenile. There's more music to come."

November 14, 2011

Juvenile Interview @

Fans haven’t heard a lot from New Orleans rap vet Juvenile since he dropped Beast Mode last year. The former Cash Money marquee artist has watched his ex-Hot Boys rapping partner, Lil Wayne, ascend from being a role player on a heavyweight roster to arguably the biggest hip-hop star of the last few years. Most recently he’s witnessed, Weezy’s protégé, Drake, turn his 1998 smash single, “Back That Azz Up,” into an R&B song, on a track titled “Practice” off Drizzy’s forthcoming sophomore album, Take Care (hitting stores on November 15). XXL recently dialed up Juvie the Great, to find out his thoughts on the track, the new generation of Cash Money and what he’s been cooking up with fellow NOLA boy, Mystikal. Bounce to this! — Drake’s album leaked a couple days ago and he covers “Back That Azz Up.” Have you heard that yet?

Juvenile: Yeah, the crazy part is we still trying to get the business part together on that. But yeah, man, I’m aware of the record. I’m saddened that the record got leaked, but you know Drake’s a good guy. I’m just glad that there’s someone out there that appreciates my music and it’s not forgotten about. So I think it was a great thing. I just didn’t wanna see the album get leaked, though. That kind of hurt.

When did you first hear that record?

Maybe about a month ago. Universal reached out to me. We started going through the clearance process and stuff like that and when I heard it I was impressed because I really thought that “Back That Azz Up” was a hard song to remake and the fact that he took it somewhere else, I think it was big. I like that.

Word. Were you surprised to hear it as an R&B song?

Well, you know what, the record could be used a whole bunch of ways. It all depends on who the person is that does the remix. But I’m kind of flattered that it was Drake and that it’s an R&B song. I never pictured it to be used that way but he did a great job with it, man. And I’m quite sure that New Orleans, the people down here, are gonna do our own New Orleans remix version of it, so we’ll have another version that sound more like a bounce sound to it.

Did Drake ever reach out to you personally to do the song?

No, no, no. We know mutual folks and that’s how it went about. Nah, [but] that’s what’s kind of more flattering, somebody would like my music that much on his scale right now to remake one of my records. So I like that even more that he didn’t know me. And you know, in the future we gonna get to know each other.

A couple weeks back you told us that Drake is gonna appear on your new studio album.

That’s what we was doing. We was negotiating on this particular song and him appearing on my album.

Have you recorded that song yet?

Nah, dude’s been kind of busy with this project. You know he got that deadline, so I understand what’s been going on and he got a whole lot of people trying to do features before his album come out. My album is later than his.

So I’m pretty surprised nobody from that camp reached out to you, like Baby didn’t hit you up?

Nah, and I talk to Baby. I don’t know. I think Drake and .40 pretty much put the album together themselves. I don’t know what the process is over there ’cause I don’t be around them all the time. But I still have contact with Baby and them.

Switching topics, I know you are working on your new album now with Mannie Fresh. We’re lovin’ that “Power” joint. That beat is crazy. Do all of the beats have that feel or is it more of an old school Juvie and Mannie sound?

That was 10-12 years ago, man. Not only has the music industry changed, our lives changed. I try to give people music to relate to, where I’m at in life, and that’s what this album is basically about. I got a lot of stuff, man. I’m covering a lot of ground on this one.

It’s been a minute since people heard you. What have you been up to?

Well, you know the kids done got a little older now, so it’s at the stage where daddy gotta be around a little bit more than he used to be. Like they say, don’t make ’em if you not gonna take care of them right. My responsibility at home overwhelms me a little bit, but the good thing is I’m back making music. I got my own little personal studio down here in New Orleans so I’m always doing music—me, Skip and Wacko, we back in the studio together. We have another project that’s a follow up behind my [forthcoming] album. So we got a few things comin’ for this year and the next and I don’t plan on leaving for a minute. You know I don’t plan on leaving for a two-year or three-year stretch. I plan on being around dropping like two or three albums or mixtapes or what have you every year.

That’s good ’cause hip-hop missed you, man.

I love it. Sometimes it’s good to be missed ’cause you don’t know how much people miss you until you pop back up. They like ‘damn where you been?

Definitely. So I know along with you, Mannie is also working with Mystikal. There was that YouTube clip that popped up with you guys freestyling in the studio. Are you and Mystikal also working together?

Yeah, man. Matter of fact, we getting ready to do a mixtape right now.

Really? That’s dope. So you and Mystikal are working on a joint mixtape together, what are you gonna call it?

Well, it’s gonna be me. Mystikal, Wacko and Skip. We don’t have a title we just gonna start recording the songs and I guess then we gonna have a title and let one of these DJs come up with a title for us, or Mannie might come up with a title.

And Mannie’s doing all the beats on that one?

Of course.

That’s crazy!

I already got some of the beats. They’re bananas! Mystical is [also] on his shit right now.

Cool, so what about your album? Who have you worked with on it so far besides Mannie and I’m assuming Mystikal?

I’m waiting for a hook back from Lloyd right now; Bun B—that’s like basically it, man. Rick Ross and the Drake record and that’s basically it right now. I’m just getting my feet wet. You can’t expect me to have everybody on my album right now ’cause I been away for a minute but gradually as I work back in like I was I will have more songs ’cause I know that’s what’s happening right now everyone wanna hear they favorite artist with another artist and see how the song sounds together. I’m open to do songs with everybody, including Cash Money. I don’t want people thinking [there’s] something going on [between us]. We cool.

Speaking of which, what do you think of the new Young Money/Cash Money artists right now?

Amazing. Amazing. I’m impressed. You know they reigning. I put them at the top of the game and I put Ross at the top of the game too. I think they giving the industry what the industry really wanted, and what the industry needed and they filling that void right now. And they making good music and that’s what its really about so, I mean so if you not making good music, what you doing this for?

What do you think of Tha Carter IV?

I got all of Wayne’s albums. Wayne can make 1,000 albums, I’ma always feel like I’m a part of what he doing and he a part of what I’m doing. You know we started together so it’s always gonna be like that. We never had a friction. Everything between me and Cash Money was always business.


November 9, 2011

Nov. 16 Mannie Fresh @ Red Bull Academy (Madrid)



NEW SINGLE! Juve ft. Rick Ross - Power (Prod by Mannie Fresh)

Juvenile and the legendary Mannie Fresh reunite once again.
Different of other lead singles, 'Power' its a strong and powerfull album cut.
This is the second single of 'Rejuvenation'. Featuring Rick Ross and produced by Mannie Fresh

Mannie Fresh samples Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers “Ashley’s Roachclip”.

November 6, 2011

CMR/YME Release Schedule 2011 (Full Update!)


LIL WAYNE --------- THE CARTER IV ---------- AUGUST 29TH 2011
DRAKE -------------- TAKE CARE --------------- NOVEMBER 15TH 2011
BIRDMAN ----------- BIGGA THAN LIFE ------- NOVEMBER 22ND 2011
BOW WOW ---------- UNDERRATED ------------ DECEMBER 6TH 2011
TYGA --------------- CARELESS WORLD -------- DECEMBER 20TH 2011



- YMCMB "Cash Money Heroes"
- JAY SEAN "Freeze Time"
- BRISCO "Street Medicine"
- T. LOPEZ "I'm T. Lopez"
- JAE MILLZ "Nothing Is Promised"
- BIRDMAN & LIL' WAYNE "Like Father, Like Son 2"
- MACK MAINE "Maine 4 President"
- T-WAYNE "He Raps, He Sings"
- LIL' WAYNE "I'm Not A Human Being II"
- LIL' WAYNE "Rebirth II"
- CORY GUNZ "Son Of A Gun"

**All album release dates are subject to change**

November 5, 2011

November 4, 2011

Gar New Single "Its All About U"

Looks that after 10 years, Chopper City will release a official solo album of Gar.