February 25, 2014

Juvenile - The Fundamentals (New Album)

1/10. Juvenile - Pay The Rent (feat. Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti) [4:13]
2/10. Juvenile - Close Around [3:8]
3/10. Juvenile - Cradle 2 The Grave [3:45]
4/10. Juvenile - Kill Kill (feat. The Flame Game) [2:56]
5/10. Juvenile - Let 'Em Know (feat. Young Juve and S-80) [4:0]
6/10. Juvenile - All Over [3:13]
7/10. Juvenile - Livewire [3:46]
8/10. Juvenile - Super High [3:30]
9/10. Juvenile - Tales From The Hood [2:21]
10/10. Juvenile - This Is Your Song (feat. S-80) [3:20]

February 19, 2014

Turk - Reflamed (Artwork)

Here is the new artwork by Hot Boy Turk of his coming up mixtape called "Reflamed". 
Will be released March 4th on LiveMixtapes. Its the prelude of his next album called "Mission Possible" coming out the next "Cinco de Mayo" on Rap-A-Lot Records. Hosted and mixed by Dj Hektik.

Advertisement; C-Murder Message From Prison!

To all yall niccas out there still using my TRU name and logo and affiliations, please STOP immediately!. Why are you still misguiding the world like we are a team when the truth is, its only me, if you are trying to figure out if Im talkin about you, then simply ask yourself this one question; are you doing one fucking thing to benefit me? Please stop stunting and faking and leave my name and company out ya motherfuckin mouth! and take all TRU logos and such of your websites and advertisements. If not, I will follow up verbally and speak directly to single you out. If your name is not G-Dinero, JP or MO, then Im talking to you, this will be my last being Mr. Nice Guy, this does not include my fans. 

Peace and reman TRU.


(Unsigned Hype) Dcomcustomized - Melanin Rich (Official Video)

 Directed, Shot & Edited by: Quincy Scott
Music Video by dcomcustomized performing Melanin Rich. 2013 (C)

(Unsigned Hype) Dee Day feat. Live Sosa - Hangin On (Official Video)


Hangin On performed by Dee Day ft. Live Sosa
Directed by Tyler Yee

Jay da Menace feat. Q-Corvette - Night Shift

Artist: Jay da Menace feat. Q-Corvette
Album: Iconic
Song: Night Shift
Producer: ???
Label: Hitz International
Year: 2014

Credits goes to Hitz International

February 18, 2014

Lady Dahlia feat. BlaqNMild - Make Me Feel (Official Video)


Performed and written by Lady Dahlia 
Featuring BlaqNMild 
Directed & Edited by This Is Cat Daddy & Kush DVD

Produced by BlaqNMild
- Big Boy Records - 

(Throwback) Turk feat. Mr. Marcelo - Runnin Away


Artist: Turk feat. Mr. Marcelo, ¿¿Pretty Boy??
Album: Turk & Kings Ent. - The Takeover Vol. 2
Song: Runnin Away (Just My Imagination)
Producer: ???
Label: Kings Entertainment
Year: 2003

Credits goes to Kings Entertainment

ATTENTION Producers! Magnolia Chop Needs Beats!

Dj Swu & Mr. Marcelo Presents We Got Next Mixtape

Fiend & DeeLow - The Big Shots (New Mixtape)

February 17, 2014

The Show aka Don Flamingo - Bloody Roses (New Mixtape)


The Show, notorious for his affiliations with both The Rap Pack and Mannie Fresh, unleashes his latest mixtape "Bloody Roses" under the alias Don Flamingo. The project and its 12 tracks give an update into what prompted the transition into Don Flamingo while showcasing the beautiful but deadly lyrics that Show is known for. Bloody Roses features production by Flight School, Smurf, Kidd On The Track, SIAH, and more. 

Follow @Flamingo_xoxo on Twitter 
for updates and information on the release of the video for "Slanguage" the first single off Bloody Roses 
#itsthelifestyle. @EGMGLifestyle


February 5, 2014

"We Are One: Street Music of New Orleans" DVD Review


Just a month ago I received in my home this new DVD dedicated to the streets and black music of New Orleans. "We Are One: Street Music of New Orleans" is the debut film of Urban Science Films. I wanna thank the creators about this special project because not everyday you can watch a treasure like this. The whole film chronicles the special history of the rap music in one of the most special city in United States; New Orleans.

From the streets of Uptown, Downtown, and the Westbank you can taste a city that you never will find another more more culturally than New Orleans. Directed by Nathan T. Rideaux you can watch many artists in the dvd including the legendary producers Ice Mike, BlaQ N Mild and groups like Partners N Crime or Black Menace. The interviews are very good specially with Mr. Serv On, Sess 4-5 or Bust Down talking about the history of the hip-hop begginings in the city. Another surprise of the DVD is the appeareances by Youngfellz Brass Band and The Original Pinettes Brass Band. Like the creators said it is a story that can be told by someone who lived it.

Definitely if you love the hip hop scene from New Orleans and the documentaries, you must buy this one. From a underground background, Urban Science Films shows a history in an hour and 20 minutes. 

You can purchase HERE ar Urban Science Films official website

Jay da Menace - Iconic (New Album)

Here is the new work by Jay Dawg aka Jay da Menace. 
23 quality bangers brought to you by a legend in the game, hailing from New Orleans (Louisiana. 
JDawg aka Jay Da Menace from the infamous group Black Menace