May 27, 2014

U.N.L.V. - The Relaunch (New Album)

UNLV, the New Orleans rapping duo whose body of work historically encompassed the energetic style of New Orleans hip hop known worldwide as “bounce music”, is back on the scene, with a new style of delivery, threatening to seize national acclaim with their new self-titled album UNLV: The Relaunch, scheduled for release May 20, 2014, on their new label T.Y.T. Global Entertainment/INGrooves/Fontana/Universal.

Known for their former affiliation with Cash Money Records, as signed artists, UNLV hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, and consisted of rappers Tec-9, Lil Ya, and Yella Boy. Acronymously named "Uptown Niggas Living Violently", they recorded four albums from 1993 to 1996 under Cash Money Records. Their musical releases were among the first examples of well distributed New Orleans music, produced by, then, in-house producer Mannie Fresh. While their music has always achieved regional success, The Relaunch is expected to give the remaining group members, Tec-9 and Lil Ya, global acclaim.

Preceding the release of The ReLaunch's first single "Can't Walk Straight" in April 2014, the legendary group teamed up with Thizz Latin's up and coming recording artist Lil Ro to create the hot new club single "Look Back At It". "Look Back At It" is currently being distributed digitally through GT Digital Distribution and currently available for purchase. A video was shot in November 2013, and made its debut February 2014, please find a link to the video attached here for your viewing:

"Look Back At It" is UNLV's announcement that they are back to music. Please take some time to review the song at the link listed below. We also included a few tracks from The ReLaunch for your review. Feedback is welcomed, and would be appreciated!!!

If you would like to learn more about UNLV and their musical career, please UNLV is currently working on their promotional tour schedule, if you would like an interview or to host a listening party for the group, please contact Chauntre Shaw at 281-301-9561 or via email at

You can buy his new album after the jump:

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May 26, 2014

R.I.P. Cash Money "Vamp"

A man was killed Sunday (May 25) night after being shot in the neck on Chef Menteur Highway at America Street, according to the New Orleans Police Department. Aprominent New Orleans Club Promoter and Cousin of Baby and Slim Clarence Wilson aka Cash Money Vamp has been killed

No further information is available.

The victim is at least the fifth person to be shot Sunday. Three men were shot in Algiers and are in stable condition, while police continue to investigate a shooting in the 7th Ward near Cajun Seafood.


May 25, 2014

Cash Money Degreez - 11th Anniversary Compilation (Mixtape)

Cash Money Degreez - 11th Anniversary Compilation
Artist: Cash Money Degreez
Album : 11th Anniversary Compilation

     ³   Ripper      : Kruze                                                      ³
     ³   Date        : 05.21.2014                                                 ³
     ³   Year        : 2014                                                       ³
     ³   Encoder     : Kruze                                                      ³
     ³   Quality     : 320kbps                                                    ³
     ³                 44,1kHz / Stereo                                           ³
     ³   Songs       : 18                                                         ³
     ³   CD Songs    : 18                                                         ³
     ³   Playtime    : 72:20                                                      ³
     ³   Size        : 107,73 MB                                                  ³
     ³   Language    : English                                                    ³
     ³   Format      : MP3                                                        ³
     ³   Type        : Compilation                                                ³
     ³   Source      : CDDA                                                       ³
     ³   Catalognr   : N/A                                                        ³
     ³   MyReleaseNo : 2                                                          ³
     ³   Buy Here    : N/A                                                        ³

     ³    01.Frank Ocean - Swim Good                                   [03:32]    ³
     ³    02.Sess 4-5 feat. Ms. Tee - Stingy                           [04:06]    ³
     ³    03.Magnolia Boyz feat. Magnolia Chop - Blinded               [04:04]    ³
     ³    04.Jay da Menace - Dream                                     [02:32]    ³
     ³    05.The Show - 10 N.O. Commandments                           [02:33]    ³
     ³    06.Jimi Clever - The Bounce                                  [05:22]    ³
     ³    07.TC feat. Juvenile, Turk, Lil Derrick - Dirty World        [04:22]    ³
     ³    08.K-Doe feat. B.G. - Str8 Thuggin                           [04:44]    ³
     ³    09.CPO Snipe - Life is Cold                                  [03:44]    ³
     ³    10.6-Shot feat. Baby, Mr. Marcelo, Curren$y - Mac Melph Calio[04:02]    ³
     ³    11.Hot Boy Ronald feat. Wacko, Gar - Knock It Off            [03:46]    ³
     ³    12.Sheffie Brasco - 917                                      [04:37]    ³
     ³    13.TQ feat. Lil Wayne - Ride On                              [04:16]    ³
     ³    14.The Show feat. Mike Taylor, 3D Natee - iRobot             [04:55]    ³
     ³    15.Turk feat. Uncle Larell, Lil Teezy Mane - Family Affair   [04:44]    ³
     ³    16.B.G. - Come On Come Con                                   [03:48]    ³
     ³    17.Vamp feat. Magnolia Chop - Keep It Real                   [03:15]    ³
     ³    18.K. Gates - B-32                                           [03:58]    ³

May 15, 2014

Calliope Var - HoodStar Hustle Music 3 (Official Mixtape)

Kid0003 - Lirically Insane (Unsigned Hype)

Turk - Da Real Thugga (Behind The Scenes)

El Nino & Capito aka N.O. Capo - Jackin 4 Beatz Vol. 2 (New Mixtape)

Lil Ya from UNLV - I Know (Official Video)

I am Corey Miller Documentary (Crowfounding Project)

This page has been set up in order to raise funds to complete the "I Am Corey Miller" documentary. The documentary entails the life of Corey Miller (aka C-Murder) and the friends, family, and musicians that truly know the man behind his entertainment persona.

Zay Mack & Young Juve- Dat Killa (New Single)

The Beat Summit @ Atlanta (Official Video)


The Super Producers Beat Summit, featuring some of the recording industry's eminent producers, will include performances and discussions about how some of the most influential records were created

6 Ward Pook & Skip from UTP - Uptown / Downtown II (New Mixtape)

Fans demanded more from the duo after the release of the wildly successful Uptown Downtown: F***** and Duckin mixtape, so Skip and Pook delivered with this new album. Anybody who knows anything about the lay of the land in New Orleans knows Uptown and Downtown have always been two areas proudly claimed by its residents, particularly its music artists. With the release of the Uptown Downtown series, Skip and Pook effectively fuse the unique sounds from both areas.

Skip is a legendary Uptown rapper whose ties to Juvenile and Wacko helped put New Orleans rap music on the map. He was one-third of the trio that brought timeless hits such as “Nolia Clap” to the globe. Six Ward Pook, with his Downtown heritage, has been working hard to carve out a name for himself. As the brother of Ms. Tee, Pook has music coursing through his lineage. Skip and Pook’s work on the Uptown Downtown series is helping to keep New Orleans urban music at the forefront, while setting the stage for more timeless hits.  Both are successful businessmen in their own right, in addition to popular music artists.

Uptown Downtown Part II features productions from New Orleans’ own genius superproducer BlaqNMild, as well as features from Juvenile, Ms. Tee, P-Town Moe, Quest, Young Gabe, and more. It is poised to top the indy charts, as it arrived to much fanfare and promotion earlier today. Uptown Downtown Part II is available for download on all major sites, including iTunes and Amazon and will be available for purchase in many retail outlets. The mixtape version is available for sale at Nuthin But Fire Records, Da Bubble Car Wash and Chicken and Watermelon in New Orleans, with more sites to be announced soon. Skip and Pook are set to begin a Meet and Greet tour of record stores, the first of which will be tonight from 6-9 pm at Nuthin But Fire Records, 1840 N. Claiborne, New Orleans, Louisiana. They will also appear on New Orleans’ Q93 FM radio tonight. More interviews are being set up for the near future.