May 25, 2012

Cash Money Degreez 9th Anniversary

Wassup fam!!

Many years ago (2003) I began with a dream of a child to make my own website. By then, Cash Money was a record label who lived the post-hot-boys era. Over the years, CMDEGREEZ has been year after year trying to bring the latest news from our favorite rappers. We have also grown! Now we are a website that we promote any artist across Louisiana, not only stars!!. 

Its very difficult to me, a guy from Spain, still with this dream after 9 years.

Without you, this never happened for so many years. Thanks all the visitors!!!. No doubt bout we will keep updating, offering good music, great songs and reviving material and living our passion for rap and bounce of New Orleans. We're plannin to get more interviews and more articles. Anyone who can be a part of this website, please holla at me!!!

I wanna make a special thanks to: My people from Switzerland; Lambo & Manuel, people from CMR Boards; Money Mack, 4-Staar, Choppaboy & Tarik, people from CCR Boards; CCR Boy, LVHotBoy, Dizzle... and Kayotiic from WordOfSouth, Toni, Topballer 87, my whoodie Wase, Speedermen, Duque, Piripi, Ochoa, Dj Nead, the whole Madrid Pimps collective, the Circus-Circus radio show staff (Johnny Son and my brother Vic Vega), Neoghost, the Left Coast Gang and all people who support me in this adventure. Special thanks to Paulitxups, you know who are you!

Special thanks to Magnolia Chop, Magnolia Levee, Sinista, Jason Lyric, 6-Shot, Raw Dizzy, Dj 5150, Dj Hektik, LD Herb, Ceto, Calliope Var, Mr. Marcelo, Young Juve, Ke'Noe, Mannie Fresh, CPO Snipe!!!

This isnt all! I got a special gift for our birthday;


You can download totally free, hope you enjoy this recopilatory!

May 20, 2012

Skip - Happy Motherfuckers Day (Mixtape)

Down Bad from Baton Rouge (Unsigned Hype)

What’s being Down Bad? 
Unsigned, unheard, all while being hailed as legendary in a small corner of the world. So how is it that a term no one wants to be associated with, is the same term everyone yells in the club? DOWN BAD IN THA BUILDING!!! 

The life of the party, confident in who you are, full of exciting energy amongst other things. This gives a complete summary of Down Bad returning with their fourth studio album “Final Four,” leading with the singles “Bouncing Thru,” and “Shine On,” circulating in the clubs. When trying to describe their sound and swag, one might do better comparing it to a drug rather than another artist. 

Down Bad’s music is an experience that is built off of a vibe, meaning a feeling, different songs have different vibes, as different drugs give you different highs. Now it’s just time we give you something new and add to our catalog “Bouncing Thru,” is produced by Mike Sneezy with a heavy bass line sampled with a quote from a previous Down Bad club banger. “The hook came from our single,”Fifths,” on our first album. It speaks for itself.

 ‘I’m bouncing thru this b!tch… like I know I’m the sh….!’ How's that for confidence!

For Booking Call : 225.405-9183

May 18, 2012

YMCMB 2012 Album Release Schedule

YMCMB 2012 Album Release Schedule

Dates Given:
Bow Wow "Underrated" 6/12/12
Birdman "Bigga Than Life" 10/31/12

Dates Pending:
Brisco "Street Medicine"
Busta Rhymes "E.L.E. 2"
DJ Khaled "Kiss The Ring"
Jay Sean "Worth It All"
Kevin Rudolf "Don't Give Up"
Lil' Twist "Don't Get It Twisted"
Lil' Wayne "I'm Not A Human Being 2"
Limp Bizkit "Stampede of the Disco Elephants"
Mack Maine "Maine 4 President"
Mystikal "Original"

 Dates To Be Determined:
Ace Hood  "TBA"
Chris Richardson "TBA"
Christina Milian "TBA"
Corey Gunz "TBA"
Israel Cruz "TBA"
Shanell "TBA"
T. Lopez "TBA"
All album dates, titles & info are subject to change. As of right now the next albums to get official release dates for the summer will be Lil' Twist, Lil' Wayne, Kevin Rudolf, Limp Bizkit & DJ Khaled

We'll be back with more info as soon as I get it. 
Later YMCMB headz!

Dee-1: They Will Hear Me Now Pt.2

After talking about his unique journey in music over the past year in part one, Dee-1 speaks with TheWellVersed and yours truly about his relationship with Mannie Fresh and what’s in store for 2012

Mannie Fresh Interview With VladTV

The famed rapper/producer explains who he thinks  are the best producers of all time, 
and reveals who he'd bring back as a hologram.
Courtesy of VLADTV

Gar Announces The Latest Update On B.G.'s Upcoming Incarceration

Dee-1 - Keep It Movin!! (Instrumental)

Produced by Dj RJD2. Named Ghostwriter in the album Deadringer.

"I Didn't Understand" by Elliott Smith
"Secretary" by Betty Wright
"Timesteps" by Wendy Carlos and "William Tell Overture"
"Outside Woman Blues" by Cream
"A Taste of Honey" by Paul Desmond
"Ready or Not Here I Come" by The Delfonics

Mystikal - Bullshit (Prod. by KLC)

Here is the first single from his upcoming mixtape, Origins that is scheduled to drop July 30th.

May 16, 2012

Galactic feat. Mystikal, Mannie Fresh - Move Fast (Official Video)

Galactic lastest single featuring re-jailed Mystikal and Mannie Fresh. 
I see Dee-1 acting like a fool in the video!
Hope we will got in a future a collabo together

May 15, 2012

August Alsina - Ode To My Project Chicks (Song)

A tribute to the Baller Blockin's single "Project Chick" by Cash Money Millionaires. 
August it's a very talented artist and got a awesome voice. 
Its good to see new artists like August doing this type of things!

May 14, 2012

(Throwback) Big Tymers - Back Up ft. Juvenile

 Track #8 of Big Tymers "Big Money Heavyweight" album featuring Gillie da Kid and Juvenile. 
Juvenile kills his verse! Enjoy the song! Here are the lyrics; 

[Verse 3 : Juvenile]

Gimme the roovie Juvie the shooter
Try to follow my pandemonium point I’m gon lose ya
Look around there’s some niggas not with me
Some of them dead, some of them doin bout 50
UTP you better stand up it’s the general
Bringin back the era of the criminal
Look I got my own scene, got my own scheme
Got killas so basically I’m doin my own thing
I drive a 7-6-0 strapped up waitin at the light for the hero
It’s kinda hot outside niggas done shot blue eyes
That’s fucked up cuz my connect dropped me 5
I’ma excersize my right to get this cheese
I don’t have to put in work nigga my bitch will squeeze
I ain’t positive I’m a black man
So watch your mouth playa cuz you can catch a back hand

May 10, 2012

DJ 5150/Hektik & Mac!

Another Uptown Veterans mixtape... starring the legendary Mac.
Commin real soon!! 

U.N.L.V. - Beat The Pussy Up (Single)

New single from U.N.L.V. "Beat The Pussy Up" for sale in Itunes and CdBaby. 

Click in these links: 

May 2, 2012

Updates in Lil Boosie's Murder Trial

Seven anonymous jurors were tentatively accepted Tuesday at the first-degree murder trial of Baton Rouge rapper Torrence “Lil Boosie’’ Hatch following a battery of questions from the presiding judge, a prosecutor and one of Hatch’s attorneys on topics ranging from “gangsta rap’’ to extensive media coverage of the case.
State District Judge Mike Erwin told the five women and two men to report back to the 19th Judicial District Court on Thursday morning and be prepared to be sequestered in a hotel beginning Thursday night. Erwin said opening statements from the prosecutor and Hatch’s attorneys could come as early as Thursday morning, depending on how many jurors are selected Wednesday. Twelve jurors and two alternate jurors will be empaneled. The jury’s verdict does not have to be unanimous.
“Torrence is ready to have his case heard,’’ Jason Williams, one of Hatch’s attorneys, told reporters.
Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty against the 29-year-old Hatch for the alleged murder-for-hire of Terry Boyd, 35, who was shot to death through a window while he was inside his Vermillion Drive home Oct. 21, 2009.  Hatch is accused of paying Michael “Marlo Mike’’ Louding, also of Baton Rouge, to kill Boyd. Louding, now 19, was 17 at the time and also is charged with first-degree murder in the killing but is not eligible for the death penalty because of his age.
Erwin, prosecutor Dana Cummings and Hatch attorney Martin Regan questioned 14 prospective jurors Tuesday who were identified in court only by number. Jurors were first questioned in groups of three about media coverage of the case, then as a larger group about other issues.
Seven were excused, including five for hardship reasons and two others after it was determined they could not be completely fair and impartial because of their exposure to media coverage of the case. Potential juror No. 496, a middle-aged white man, was excused in part after he raised concerns about Hatch’s “effects/influence on the youth of this community.’’ Regan at one point described Hatch’s music as “gangsta rap.’’
Prospective juror No. 362, a middle-aged white female who was not excused, told Regan she had never heard of Hatch. “I take it from your responses you’re not a fan of rap,’’ Regan said to the woman.
“I’m a middle-aged woman,’’ she replied with a sheepish grin. Erwin ruled last week that prosecutors can play some of Hatch’s violence-laden rap lyrics at the trial. Cummings has said she considers some of Hatch’s lyrics “admissions’’ and will use them to demonstrate Hatch’s “intent, motive and plan.’’ Hatch’s attorneys argue the lyrics have nothing to do with the alleged crime and prove only that Hatch is a rap artist.
Potential juror No. 192, an older black woman who was not excused, said rap “is not my cup of tea.’’ She also told Cummings she heard Hatch had been charged with murder “because of the lyrics of his music.’’ “That sounded odd to me,’’ the woman said. “I just thought it was weird, being prosecuted for the lyrics of his music.’’ Cummings strongly hinted to the potential jurors that they will hear from Louding. She drew a swift objection from Williams when, while discussing what types of evidence a jury might expect to hear in a murder-for-hire case, she asked rhetorically, “Are you going to have to make some kind of deal with him?’’
After a private bench conference with Cummings and Hatch’s attorneys, Erwin sustained Williams’ objection and told the prospective jurors that the question the prosecutor posed is “not one she’s allowed to ask’’ during jury selection. Louding is charged in five other killings over a 14-month span, beginning with the Feb. 9, 2009, shooting death of local up-and-coming rapper Chris “Nussie” Jackson, and ending with the April 1, 2010, double-murder of Charles Matthews and Darryl “Bleek” Milton.
Louding is charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Jackson; Marcus Thomas on April 25, 2009; and Matthews and Milton. He also is charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Michael Smith on Dec. 18, 2009.
Louding was 16 at the time of Jackson’s and Thomas’ deaths. Adrian Pittman, 38, of Baton Rouge, also is charged with first-degree murder in Boyd’s death. Hatch, Louding and Pittman have pleaded not guilty. Hatch is serving an eight-year prison term after pleading guilty in November to charges that accused him of conspiring to smuggle drugs and other illegal contraband into Dixon Correctional Institute and the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Mr. Marcelo feat. Pimpin Magnolia - All I Need (Official Video)


Released on September 2010