May 20, 2012

Down Bad from Baton Rouge (Unsigned Hype)

What’s being Down Bad? 
Unsigned, unheard, all while being hailed as legendary in a small corner of the world. So how is it that a term no one wants to be associated with, is the same term everyone yells in the club? DOWN BAD IN THA BUILDING!!! 

The life of the party, confident in who you are, full of exciting energy amongst other things. This gives a complete summary of Down Bad returning with their fourth studio album “Final Four,” leading with the singles “Bouncing Thru,” and “Shine On,” circulating in the clubs. When trying to describe their sound and swag, one might do better comparing it to a drug rather than another artist. 

Down Bad’s music is an experience that is built off of a vibe, meaning a feeling, different songs have different vibes, as different drugs give you different highs. Now it’s just time we give you something new and add to our catalog “Bouncing Thru,” is produced by Mike Sneezy with a heavy bass line sampled with a quote from a previous Down Bad club banger. “The hook came from our single,”Fifths,” on our first album. It speaks for itself.

 ‘I’m bouncing thru this b!tch… like I know I’m the sh….!’ How's that for confidence!

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