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Welcome to Cash Money Degreez, probally one the oldest and best pages dedicated to New Orleans rap scene and specially the classic Cash Money Millionaires (Baby aka Birdman, B.G., Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh, Turk... among others). My name is Natxo V. Llona and I'm currently living in Basque Country (Spain) but this isnt a obstacle to still doing my thing here in Internet. 

The main focus of this website is to try to be a voice for the local rap scene in Lousiana. Our visitors will see the lastest news of the biggest starts of the city, but also the underground scene. So my daily objective is collect news from everywhere and put them here. 

Anyway, sometimes I recover rare tracks, mixtapes and videos and put here to free download. So this shit that means I NEVER wont be posting any RETAIL album. If you want any of them, yo should go to eBay, Discogs or your mall  and be supportive buying his music. I think that the b-side must not die.

Maybe you also know me as Kruze in the old Cash Money Boards, Boxden, WordOfSouth, Chopper City Records Boards or somewhere. Welcome you too!

Advice for collectors; Stop asking me abou t mixtapes, singles and tapes. If you got anything that you think I'm interested mail me, but dont ask me everyday for the same ol shit. If you want my wishlist, click in them.

Suggestions, promotion, please mail to cmdegreez@gmail.com

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