October 30, 2012

Kidd Kidd feat. Juvenile - New Warleans (Audio)

Kidd Kidd links up with Juvenile for this ode to New Orleans entitled "New Warleans"
It's a cut off Kidd's "Street Fame" mixtape and its produced by Beat Ryder

October 24, 2012

Juvenile & Mannie Fresh - Live On Stage

Artist: Juvenile & DJ Mannie Fresh
Director/ Producer: Dwight "Shootrr" Elder Cut by: Helder Pedro

Jason Lyric - No Worries (Official Video)

New music video by New Orleans Rapper Jason Lyric. The song is called "No Worries"
A remake to lil Wayne's "No Worries" off His dedication 4 Mixtape w/ Dj Drama. 
Visuals by Marcell Bennett. 

October 22, 2012

Calliope Var - Ready Or Not (Official Video)

Mannie Fresh, Kendrick Lamar & Stalley - Guaranteed Fresh Video Blog

Mannie Fresh's #GuaranteedFresh Video Blog Series...

@MannieFresh surprises audience at a BET Music Matters Tour date, and chops it up with @KendrickLamar and @Stalley


Dj Money Hungry Mizz & Dj Poppa - Good Weed, Daiquiris & Po Boys (Mixtape)

Dj Hektik - 504 The Streets (Official Mixtape)

K. Gates - Guide To New Orleans

Rising New Orleans rapper, K. Gates, gives his guide to New Orleans - the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana - including where to eat, what to see, and tips on how to stay safe in the murder capital and its misconception regarding its tourists.

U.N.L.V. feat. LericQ - The 1 I Trusted (Official Video)

Lil Ya featuring Tec 9 & LericQ - The One I Trusted
Video Shot & Produced By: @YurkFilms (Chrystyle)
Directed By: @YurkFilms (Chrystyle) & Naughty Wildboy

Turk's first 72 hours released from Federal Prison (Video)

One of the original Cash Money Records Hot Boys, Tab “Turk” Virgil released from Federal Prison October 12, 2012 after serving 8 years 8 months and 16 days. Turk gives brief footage of him attending church within 72 hours of his release. Also includes footage of the first studio session in almost 9 years.

October 18, 2012

Jason Lyric - Fit For a King (New Mixtape)

Mannie Fresh - Heal The World (New Single)

Mannie Fresh drops off his first solo effort in quite sometime. This is a nice club banger..
I would have loved to hear Juvenile or Turk rapping over this one. 
Im not sure which project this will end up on.

October 11, 2012

EXCLUSIVE!!! Book Excerpts of 'The Auto-Thugography of Turk'

The Auto-Thugography of Turk

Former Cash Money Records “Hot Boy Turk" offers with his Auto-Thugography his life as a living testament of his Young-N-Thuggin pain, struggles, mental maturity, spiritual growth and his redemption. Tab “Young Turk” Virgil Jr. from New Orleans, Uptown Magnolia Projects, as a young aspiring football player dared to dream.

After devolping his ability to, and passion per rapping, his skills caught the attention of Cash Money Records “Slim” and the “Birdman” Baby and was recruited. After joining the ranks of Cash Money label mates; Juvenile, B.G. & Lil Wayne, Turk’s presence helped create Cash Money Records sensational and platinum sellin “Hot Boys”. With their international success they were instantly bombarded with fortune and fame, but Turk was blind-sided by it’s admixture of evil.

Read the Auto-Thugography of Turk and travel with him through his action packed young life in New Orleans, Uptown Magnolia Projects, his years as a Cash Money Millionaire, his heroin and cocaine addicion, the 52 shots “shoot out” that he survived in Memphis and his attempted murder conviction and sentence. 

Here is some book excerpts in exclusive to Cash Money Degreez from 
Young Turk of his new book “The Auto-Thugography of Turk”:

Chapter 2 "The Gift"

......Baby and Slim both had to talk momma into letting me perform that night, under the condition that I not be out to late. But (yeah right) these was the two that made the rules. They called momma after the concert was over at three-thirty in the morning and she was pissed off and promised me I'd never do another concert. But I was young-n-thuggin, so after two weeks I was back in the studio without her permission, this Slim and Baby didn’t know. For two weeks straight I was getting dropped off in the Nolia every night sneaking on the fire-escape going through my window without my momma ever knowing.
cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive
Chapter 4 "Cash Money Chil'ren"
......Me and Wayne being the 'chil'ren' of Cash Money Records, as Baby called us, had become real close during these years, while we learned the business from the side-lines just patiently waiting for our time to shine. Besides spending our days and nights inside the studio developing our flows and writing songs we passed time (tossing) what semed like a million broads. We was Cash Money and everybody was throwing us the 'lovin' the old, the young, the real-old, and the real-young! The Holiday Inn on Veteran's in Metairie Louisiana, that was only a ten minute drive from 'Uptown' was Headquarters and where we tossed majority of these broads at. Shoney's Inn and The Landmark Hotel were also frequently used for our sex-capades, but the Holiday Inn was practically the Cash Money Record's Hotel!

......Baby leaves Wayne his (drop-top) Jaguar, and we in it and 'stuntin like our daddy' for-real! We hit the interstate and open the engine up a little, and it looks like rain could be possible, but we dead in the middle of 'stuntin' so the signs of rain were completely ignored. Wayne pushin the Jag hard, almost to the max, when all of a sudden we're smack dead in the middle of a serious down-pour of rain with the top of Baby's Jaguar still down. Wayne hit the button to the top, but since we're moving so fast through the wind and rain, halfway through the closing motion the top got thrown off-track some kind of way and got stuck. The rain was coming down harder and harder, and all inside of Baby's Jag!
cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive
Chapter 6 "From 1st to Worst"

......After multiple dirty urines, it was recommended by my Probation Officer that the court ordrr that I be placed into a 'In-Patient Drug Program' at the ODYSSEY HOUSE in New Orleans. It turned out to be not as bad as I thought it would, and I was able to convince the Counselor there to release me earlier than the one year i was ordered to do. The Hot Boyz 'Guerilla Warfare' album was fresh in the stores and I wasnt finna be stuck in a damn 'Rehab'.

The same day that I was relased I went straight 'Uptown' scored and got fully-loaded with heroin! And in record breaking speed I'd gotten locked right back up. This time, it was around the time the planes crashed into the 'Twin Towers' on September The Eleventh. I remember this time perfectly, because the day before the attack i had my Correctional Officer broad, there at the jail, bring me in some heroin, and I was at it again. I got loaded right there in my ten-man cell, and I got the whole cell loaded with me.

The next day, I'd never forget, was when the planes hit the Towers, and keeping it (10 x's a 100) that shit scared the hell out of me. I was so spooked, I called myself kicking my habbit, and I had the niggas in the ten-man with me mad as hell because I wouldn’t continue to work the officer, when they all knew that i could.
cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive cmdegreez.com exlusive 

 Any media source, or blog, that uses this interview must credit CMDEGREEZ.com. 

October 4, 2012

K. Gates - N.O. Tha Murder Capital DVD (Trailer)

The Film 'Murda Capital'  exposes the harsh realities of excessive Murder in New Orleans. With the nations highest murder rate for 15 years K.Gates addresses the forsaken problem and searches for the why's and how's....and Is there a solution. 

It is a MUST we Save The City?

October 3, 2012

Young Cam (Unsigned Hype)

Title - You Know This  Produced By - Cardo
 From Upcoming Album #RAWLife
Label - Billionaires Row/Double S

Cameron Christopher Carter, August 21, 1993, better known by his stage name Young Cam is an American rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is from Marrero in New Orleans. In 2011, Young Cam created the Double S movement with fellow artist Young Zed, and also became a member of Billionaires Row.

Young Cam appeared on Kashflow Da God's "Kush" single, released in 2012. Young Cam has a unique style which he claims he is and very well may be the originator of, though he grew up listening to artists such as 50 Cent, Mystikal, and Lil Wayne. He describes this as "everyday life rap" due to the fact that he simply raps about the things he does on a day to day basis. He includes everything from the fast women he spends time getting stoned with to the everyday trials of a normal person. Cam often makes remains straight up and honest about situations in his music to help fans relate to it.

For several months throughout 2010 & 2011, Young Cam released a series of mixtapes to gain notoriety. His work was  impressive enough to land him on multiple blog sites in 2011. After the release of Fly Muzik 2, he joined the Def Fam family via Island Def Jam Digital Distribution. Young Cam’s Free projects have been released seldomly in 2011 with multiple covers along with them. Throughout Cam's career so far, he has released 6 mixtapes for free. He is also said to be working on an album called #RAWLife which is rumored to also be a free project. Young Cam is a very busy artist and has performed in cities in the south between Lousiana and Mississippi. He built a pretty decent fan base by getting thousands of views on YouTube videos and by having his music promoted to social network users on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

October 2, 2012

NOLA Hip Hop Awards 2012

Im very proud to announce my nomination for the 2012 NOLA Underground Hip Hop Awards.
We are nominated in the category of Hottest Blog of The Year. 

NOLA Underground Hip-Hop Awards; a hip-hop centralized awards showcase, giving appropriate appreciation, respect and honor to our local artists who have exemplified the essential aspects of not just any particular popular culture, but urban culture.

The very best of New Orleans Underground Hip-Hop.
Dont forget to visit the awards the next October 20 @ Joy Theater (07:00 PM)
Hosted by: Shiny Green + Lanino Brown 

Click HERE to Order your Tickets!!!

October 1, 2012

Mannie Fresh Performs @ San Francisco (Live)

Sep 15 2012 - Mannie Fresh performs "Go DJ" live at the Mezzanine in San Francisco, CA.
Credits goes to OZONE MAGAZINE

The Show - Traffic (Official Video)

Director: @bshelling504
Starring: @egmgshow & @feellikephilly

 -- The Show: D.O.B 3 --
Available on DATPIFF.com and ITUNES.com