April 26, 2016

MonstaBeatz - The Monsta Day Massacre (New Applbum)

The New Orleans music production duo MonstaBeatz is dropping their latest Applbum entitled The Monsta Day Massacre, which is an App featuring unreleased music from Lil Wayne ,Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Lloyd and more. Being in the music industry since 2008, MonstaBeatz has stashed a significant amount of songs in their Haunted House Studios waiting for the right time to release them. 

With so much high-quality content in their vault these songs needed a way to be released that was new, engaging and stood apart from the traditional distribution channels. After the success of PRIZMS the Comic Book & Album App and the Diamond Man Game, MonstaBeatz decided to stay in line with their vision for distributing albums through Apps and developed the Applbum The Monsta Day Massacre.


Dee-1 - Undefeated (ESPN's Undefeated Main Theme)

The Undefeated now has a concrete launch date of May 17, the 62nd anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision, the case that ended legal segregation within schools.

April 25, 2016

Baby Interview @ Angie Martinez Power 105.1 (April 2016)

Check out a list of the 10 things we learned about Birdman from his new interview with Angie Martinez:

01) How learning about the bible while locked up at 16-years-old gave him a different outlook on life and helped him turn his own life around. "When I was incarcerated I learned about God..It was my first time reading the bible...I changed as a person, I was really young and wild."

02) Minister Farrakhan is one his mentors. The minister even blessed Stunna's Miami home while his kids and brother were present. "That's somebody I have the upmost respect for" he says about Minister Farrakhan.

03) His mother died when he was only 2-years-old and his dad died when he was 5-years old. "I lost my whole family...I was raised with no parents".

04) Birdman lived in a boys home for years after his parents died and until his stepmother picked him up at 10-years-old.

05) Stunna lived in Canada for several years, yet has never told Drake about this.

06) Baby has a hatred toward men's suits due to him wearing them to so many funerals of people that he loved.

07) He's infatuated with walking around with large amounts of money since he became a millionaire. "It was like a dreams come true."

08) The fact that he's never loved a woman enough for her to hurt him. "I love what I do more than I love a woman."

09) That he sleeps with three guns in his bedroom with one being under his pillow.

10) NY artists that he likes? Maino and Uncle Murda + that 50 Cent's 'I'm The Man' is his favorite song right now

Baby feat. Ralo & Neno Calvin – Hustle (New Single)

Grant McKinley Phipps Jr. aka Mac Clemency (Change.ORG Petition)

Dear Governor John Bel Edwards,

We the undersigned support clemency for McKinley Phipps. We believe that the unique facts of his case, his record as an inmate, and his potential to contribute to society in meaningful ways if released make him an ideal candidate for clemency. A promising recording artist, Mr. Phipps had a clean criminal record before he was charged in the shooting of a young man at a concert in 2000. Mr. Phipps was ultimately convicted of manslaughter, despite questionable witnesses and a lack of physical evidence, and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Mr. Phipps case has received widespread media attention in recent years. Numerous articles have been written about it. We respectfully invite you to read the in-depth series about him at www.huffingtonpost.com/news/mckinley-phipps. During Mr. Phipps 16-year incarceration he has been a model inmate. He has served as head of the music program at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center and recently participated in the cleanup effort after deadly tornadoes ripped through southern Louisiana. Mr. Phipps has been the recipient of numerous awards, including a humanitarian award, and he routinely counsels other inmates.

It is our belief that regardless of what led to Mr. Phipps’ conviction, he has potential to succeed if released and will again become an asset to society. For these reasons, we hope that you will give serious consideration to granting Mr. Phipps’ clemency. Your kind consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Agreed upon by the undersigned.


Merk The Lyrical Tantrum - Telling My This (New Single)

Lil Man - Get Dis Work (New Single)

Turk - Pinocchio (Official Video)

Good Money Global - We Global (New Mixtape)

Mr. Marcelo - Startin' 5 (Official Video)

Raw Dizzy feat. Lil Wayne - Heaven (New Single)