December 15, 2015

T.Y. - Young Ballers (Official Video)

Dee-1 feat. TQ - Way Of Life (New Single)

Dee Day - Hangover (Official Video)

New Orleans native Dee Day presents the official video for "Hangover" from his upcoming project #72Dreams. |  

Iris P - Christmas (New Single)

1st Degree - C.O.C.A.N.E. (New Mixtape)

Turk - Pinocchio (New Single)

Dj Hektik & Bigga Rankin - Inspired By The Streets (RnR Edition) (New Mixtape)

Turk - Ugghh (Official Video)

November 19, 2015

(Throwback) Juvenile feat. Skip, Kango Slim - Give Me Some

Now is time to back to 2006 with Juvenile and his UTP crew. This is a very rare song starring Juvenile, Skip & Kango Slim from Partners & Crime entitled "Give Me Some" and included in the 3rd volume of "504 Radio" mixtape series by Dj Chicken and hosted by Dj Wild Wayne from Q93 radio. This song was never released in another album, mixtape or promo. Enjoy!

B-Streezy - Body (Artwork)

0017th (Hollygrove Keem & Jay Jones) - Jumpman Freestyle (Official Video)

Jay Jones - Dey Know (Artwork)

November 17, 2015

(Throwback) CPO Snipe - Holding On

Another throwback by CPO Snipe during his Chopper City Boyz days. This song was recorded in 2008 and included in the "Block Music" edition of B,G's "Play it How It Go" mixtape series. Enjoy and remember to suscribe to our YouTube channel.

Gar & Shell - Gangsta Shit (New Video)

Directed by Chaz Singleton from Astro Clown Productions

October 5, 2015

Magnolia Chop - CHOPSZN (New Album)

01 - Back At It
02 - Diss You In a Song feat. Yung Nation
03 - Im Good
04 - Last Time You Say Goodbye
05 - Live Like The Rich Nigga
06 - Never Change
07 - Project
08 - Thank God
09 - Turn Up
10 - You Down
11 - 30 Bricks
12 - How Can I feat. Young Greatness
13 - Itz Killin Me
14 - Out My Bussine

Whoooh, Magnolia Chop is back with his new independent album under Molidik Ent entitled "CHOPSZN" and avaliable to buy in his new WIX website and iTunes. If you're fan of Chop and his voice this is a good choice to spend the October days with one of our favourites singers straight outta New Orleans. 

2015 NOLA Music Awards Cypher #4

The 6th Ward Cypher
Directed by Quincy Scott & produced by CrackTracks
Featuring Finadouchi, Saint Marley, Young Chally, Ra, CKoolKeyz, KashFlow da God & Cayou Lyrics

2015 NOLA Music Awards Cypher #3

Directed by ReelSpooliteTV & Produced by Cracktracks
Featuring Calliop3 Whit3, Desto, YR Butta, TAZ, Shoota, B. Assason & Kendal Banks

Dj Raj Smoove - The Greatest Dj In The World (New Mixtape)

1. Opening
2. Intro - Raj Smoove & Tunechi
3. Pour Up - Lil Wayne
4. Negus - Paasky feat. Kourtney Heart
5. Ball - Raw Dizzy feat. Kidd Kidd
6. No Play - Kris Baptiste
7. Shive - LG feat. Kidd Kidd & Jay The Cool
8. Each Ova - Gus and Buddy
9. Bottom Of The Bottle - Curren$y feat. Lil Wayne & August Alsina
10. Duffy - Paco Troxclair
11. You Mad Yet - Hot Boy Turk feat. Lil Wayne
12. She Say She Love Me - Tre G
13. 100 - B. Streezy
14. Villain - Kourtney Heart
15. Right There - Flighteuos
16. Kno One - Kevin Gates
17. Show On The Road - Dee-1 feat. Jones
18. N.O. (Right On Time) - Kidd Kidd
19. Restraining Order - Sheba Da Songwriter
20. Lurkin - 5th Ward Weebie & Big Choo
21. Life Of The Party (Beat Back Remix) - Kourtney Heart
22. Outro - Tunechi

Available Now @

September 28, 2015

Calliope Var feat. Cam'Ron - You Ain't The Only One (Official Video)

Calliope Var & the east coast legend Cam'Ron shoots the last video in the legendary Calliope Projects in New Orleans before the old builings get demolished. Produced by Beat Doctor, in this song both of them connect and lets the streets know that. Very interesting the union of these type of artists.


B8gie Foo' feat. T.Y. - Shinin (Official Video)

Jay Jones & HollyGrove Keem - Leonard Fournette (New Single)

Jay Jones and Hollygrove Keem found themselves motivated by the hard work and dedication of Leonard Fournette as he rises up the ranks as one of the best to ever run the football. Given the parallels to their push for greatness 0017th's young spitters create the high energy anthem 'Leonard Fournette' after LSU new stand out player.

Sess 4-5 feat. Turk - Maxed Out (Official Video)

Roddy & T.Y. - Bendin Corners (Official Mixtape)

September 3, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Pre-Order Chopper City Book by B.G. !

Back in the 90's New Orleans was off the chain, ya heard me?. From Uptown to Downtown, youngin's was jumping off that porch early slanging that iron and bout that murder game. Much is the story of Lil Doogie and Trill. While most youngin's was bouncing a ball, they were playing with AK-47's, Chopper's is what they started calling'em. They both grew up hard, street raised, so they adopted that Chopper City way of life early. Together, they caught their first body at 15, and would've been on the way to Angola, except Cash, one of the N.O.'s most notorious drug lords drops money on some top lawyers to help the youngin's beat the case, but on one condition... that when they walk they'd come work for him. Feeling indebted, Lil Doonie and Trill joins Cash's crime family as Head Bussa's, laying down they murder game across the city, helping Cash seize the hereoin trade. Their blood-thirsty motto being.

Competition is a Sin.

The story heats up with its many sub-plots working, but taked a turn for the worse when Lil Doonie and Trill decide that their debt to Cash has been paid-in-full and want in on the dope game themselves. Their larceny is met by a determinated Cash to keep the two beast he helped create in their place... even if it means DEATH. Chopper City, is a tale of murder, crosses, beef... the whole 9 of which. B.G. & D. Syked knows all too well. Together, they deliver us with an unforgettable classical trip down under.
¡Realistic fiction at its absolute best!

Pre-order Chopper City book by Christopher Dorsey aka B.G. along with best selling author Dorian Sykes through PayPal to or send a email & they can send you a invoice back.

Kidd Kidd Presents New Warleans : Katrina 10 Years Later (Documentary)

August 11, 2015

Open Letter to Our Youth from Mr. Meana of Partners & Crime

By: Michael “Mr. Meana” Patterson

Hey young world, I dearly wish you all the best in life, but to reach your fullest potential you all need the right mindset.

Life offers us what we believe it to be. I was once told that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. When I was younger that statement didn’t mean as much, but today it means everything. The key to having a successful life depends on the individual’s mindset. Think before doing, because every step of life has a consequence – good or bad.

I know a lot of us were dealt a bad hand from conception, but it doesn’t determine the outcome. Decisions do. Murder is a careless act of bravery. The act alone haunts one’s soul and makes the individual heartless. Young people, we must learn to cherish life. Some of the things you all kill another person behind is foolish. I was talking to guy I once was at odds with, and we were glad that we didn’t shoot and kill one another because we both have families today that we love dearly. The beef we had was real as the beef you have today, but we cherished life enough to fight and then let be. We are friends today and grateful we didn’t end our lives because we had differences.

As human beings we don’t see life the same, but that doesn’t give us the right to take one’s life. I know this letter won’t change the world or the views of every youth, but if it can change one, I feel it’s worth it. Make wise and positive choices to get positive results. Life is a karma operation so beware of the mirror effect. Life gives us what we give it. The mirror can only reflect what’s shown to it, so beware of what reflection you give it.

I wrote this letter because I’m tired of the senseless murders and disrespect we as a people have for humanity. Try God, try love, live life to fullest, believe, and achieve greatness. If no one ever told you, I’ll say I love you and your life is priceless.

For more info about Mr. Meana and his upcoming projects out Hitz International visit The Heat Magazine official website

Young Juve - Do Yo Thang (New Single)

Magnolia Chop - Turn Up (New Single)

Young Greatness feat. Magnolia Chop - How Can I (New Single)

Smoke Mac - Remedy (Official Video)

John Doe & Iris P - Mr Jones; Sleepin With The Enemy Part. 2 (Official Video)

John Doe & Iris P - Dayz N Dayz; Sleepin With The Enemy Part. 1 (Official Video)

Turk - Get Money Stay Real Vol. 2 (New Mixtape)

Ghetto Children - Suited and Booted (Official Video)

Ghetto Children consists in Lil Soulja Slim, Young Juve, T.Y, Neno Calvin, and Daniel Heartless

July 21, 2015

John Doe & Iris P Live @ HOB from New Orleans in Juicy J Tour

John Doe and Iris P NOMW performing live at the HOB
Juicy J The Hustle Continues Tour || New Orleans Most Wanted
House Of Blues HOB Live Performance Hip Hop

Collab Album "Black Love" available on Itunes sept 2015
@irispneworleans and @johnathandoulja

July 15, 2015

New SQAD UP Album On The Way?

According to the last Instagram picture by Raw Dizzy aka Raw D.I. a new album - a reunion album - of SQAD Up including original members (Young Yo, Supa Blanco, Fee Fee, Gudda Gudda, Lil Wayne, Nutt da Kidd and Raw Dizzy) is on the way. Hope one of these artists can confirm that because is really good news for old-wayne-sound lovers.

After that, our Twitter tweeted that and Raw Dizzy retweet our tweet. Here is the proof, so... is a SQAD Up reunion coming soon?

Gar from Chopper City Boyz - Heart Of The East (Artwork)

Lil Wayne & Wild Wayne @ Q93 FM (Interview)

Dj Hektik - Inspired By The Streets Vol. 17 (New Mixtape)

July 8, 2015

(Throwback) B.G. feat. Hakim - Lets Roll

B.G. feat. Hakim - Let's Roll
Life After Cash Money Mixtape (2004)
Chopper City Records / Koch Ent.

Iris P. - Love And Hip Hop Vol. 2 (New Mixtape)

Iris P from EGMG delivers another volume of "Love & Hip Hop" featuring a great mix of R&B and rap. Some of the hottest artists from New Orleans including Detroit, Kango Slim from Partners -N- Crime, The Show, Calliope Var, Tokyo... collaborating with Iris P, as she sings about the ups and downs of love and becoming a star in this music industry.

June 16, 2015

Kruze - 30 Mins. of New Orleans Classics Part. 1 (Dj Session)

00:00 - B.G., Baby, Mannie Fresh - Pimpin' Aint E-Z Part. 1 (1998)
03:12 - Juvenile feat. Turk - Welcome 2 Tha Nolia (1998)
07:20 - Big Tymers feat. Paparue, Lil Wayne - Stun'n Remix (1998)
11:02 - Raw Dizzy feat. DJ Raj Smoove, Lil Wayne - Clap Ya Hands (2005)
14:30 - B.G. feat. Lil Derrick - Represent (1996)
17:15 - Mr. Ivan feat. Mannie Fresh - Devil N Me!! (1994)
20:26 - Mystikal feat. Black Menace - Out That Boot Camp Clicc (1994)
22:43 - Juvenile - Solja Rag (1997)
25:50 - Partners & Crime feat. Bun B - Smoke Somethin (2006)

May 28, 2015

T.Y. - Round My Way (Official Video)

T.Y. (B.G.'s son) backs again with a new visual of his new single for the upcoming mixtape "Son Of a Gangsta Vol. 2". Edited, photographed & directed by CJ Wallis.

The Show aka Don Flamingo - Hiatus; The Lost Tapes (Official Mixtape)

The Show releases all exclusive material from circa 2007-2009 under The Mannie Fresh Chubby Boy imprint. The secretly released mixtape features production from the multi-platnum producer Mannie Fresh, Stevie Drumma, Bass Heavy, and Ceaux Young of Flight School. The release also features appearances from Mannie Fresh, Six Shot, K. Gates, Bronco...

May 20, 2015

DBoy Lac - Product Of Streets (Tracklisting + Artwork)

Here is a exclusive from my partner DBoy Bizzy from D-Boyz Ent; the long awaited mixtape of DBoy Lac after his lastest work in 2011 called "Opium Re-Up". As you can see it features Gillie da Kid, Mannie Fresh, Kidd Kidd, Yo Gotti, Skip from UTP, DBoy Stone and B.G.. We havent got information about the producers but according to Bizzy it will be avaliable for download free this weekend.

April 28, 2015

Lil Soulja Slim - Life Of A Soulja II (Hosted by Dj Hektik & Dj Swu)

Master P & Money Mafia - Hustlin (New Mixtape)

Turk Interview @ Forbez DVD (About Master P and Hot Boyz Movie)

Doggie Diamonds and M.Reck meets up with Hot Boy Turk fka Young Turk In NYC. Turk speaks on the Cash Money lawsuit, will there ever be a Hot Boys reunion and how angry he was when Master P took the 'Hot Boyz' name and made a movie.

Dj Levins - Cash Money Records Old-School MegaMix (Session)

A hot selection of bounce records that Cash Money put out in the 90s, mostly produced by Mannie Fresh.

01 - Lil Slim - Bounce Slide Ride
02 - B-32 - Shake That Ass (Like a Salt Shaker)
03 - MC Heavy from PxMxWx - Gangster Walk
04 - Pimp Daddy - Got 2 Be Real (Remix
05 - PxMxWx - Mo' Bounce
06 - UNLV - Get Into With a Nigger
07 - UNLV - Eddie Bow
08 - PxMxWx - Still Smokin'
09 - PxMxWx - Splift Out
10 - Pimp Daddy - Keep On Kick It
11 - B.G.'z - True Story
12 - B-32 feat. Ms Tee - I Need a Bag of Dope
13 - UNLV - 6th & Baronne
14 - Pimp Daddy - God Bless The Dead
15 - Lil Slim feat. PxMxWx - Blunt After Blunt
16 - Lil Slim feat. B-32 - Ho's I Used 2 Sweat II
17 - PxMxWx feat. Lil Slim - Big Man Got Hoes
18 - UNLV - Pussy C'mon To Me!
19 - Ms. Tee - Let's Get High
20 - UNLV - Jazzy Bitch
21 - Magnolia Shorty - Monkey On Tha D!ck
22 - Juvenile feat. Big Tymers, Magnolia Shorty - 3rd Ward Soulja
23 - Ms Tee - I Like It (Mannie Fresh Style)
24 - Juvenile feat. Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh - Back That Azz Up
25 - Hot Boys feat. Big Tymers - I Need a Hot Girl

The Show aka Don Flamingo - Mind of a Dope Boy (New Single)

Another artist that we love in Cash Money Degreez is back after a break. Time is for The Show now named Don Flamingo with this "Mind of a Dope Boy" and produced by New Orleans producer Bass Heavy now working from Houston. Track is really good and I love the production. Hope Flamingo is working in a new mixtape or album. We still remember his great connection with Mannie Fresh years ago. Now is time to enjoy this new single

Follow on Twitter; @egmglifestyle - @flamingo_xoxo  - @bassheavy

Juvenile - Mountain (Official Video)

Produced by BlaQ-N-Mild. 
Juvenile returns with new video off the Mardi Gras 2 mixtape, he says its all about enjoying life , Drae Jackson says this shoot was one of those shoots he Juvenile just had fun with.




$$$$ Cash Prizes
VIP Cash Money/Rich Gang Concert tickets
Backstage meet and greet with Juvenile

Submit your hottest videos and contact info to TODAY!

April 9, 2015

Turk Interview @ The Breakfast Club

Lil Wayne Moves 51$ Million Lawsuit Against Baby & Cash Money Records to Louisiana

According to theJasmineBRAND and Weeney (Lil Wayne's lawyer), Lil Wayne has dropped his lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money Records to New Orleans, Louisiana. Weeney released a statement to Rolling Stone that reads as follows:

He and Young Money have entered into a stipulation with Cash Money the effect of which is to transfer the claims raised in the action which had been commenced in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York to the Federal and/or State Courts of Louisiana,” the rapper’s legal team added in a statement to Rolling Stone. “The claims previously asserted by Lil Wayne and Young Money LLC against Cash Money for substantial monies owed and breach of fiduciary duty have not been settled and will be prosecuted in Louisiana as expeditiously as possible.

Wayne first filed his lawsuit against Cash Money Records back in January on the grounds that Birdman violated his deal and owes him tens of millions of dollars for delaying the release of Tha Carter V. Reports say that Birdman owed the rapper $8 million as an advance for Tha Carter V, which he never paid. Wayne was also supposed to receive an additional $2 million upon the album’s completion.

Click here to read the court documents.

Dj Hektik - Uptown Veterans; Hot Boys; Unfinished Business (Artwork)

Dj Hektik posted on Instagram yesterday this awesome cover of a upcoming mixtape dedicated to the original Hot Boys. Looks like as a evolution from the early days to nowadays, this new mixtape is under his "Uptown Veterans" series that I'm sure he will release really soon.

April 3, 2015

#TBT Phat Phat N All That (Teen Summit 2004 Episode)

Interviews with: Ray Nagin, Jarvis, Gotty Boi Chris &  Deja Vu..., U.N.L.V., 5th Ward Weebie, Black Menace & Danger Field, Block Burnaz & Hard Head, B.G. & Ms Linda (Soulja Slim's mom), Choppa, Magic & Roy Jones; L-Boogie..., T.I., Chopper City Boys, 6-Shot, Eurica, Magnolia Chop, Gusto aka Joey Queens & Scratch Pro, Boss Player, Monica, MS Tee, Skip & Slab 1, Juvenile & The UTP Family

March 31, 2015

Turk feat. Renae Taylor - I Made It (New Single)

Juvenile - Mardi Gras II (New Mixtape)

01. Mountain (Prod. By Blaq & Mild)
02. Spend It Feat. Skip, Neno Calvin (Prod. By Zaytoven)
03. MILF Juvenile Feat. Mannie Fresh CEO (Prod. By DJ Spin)
04. My Niggaz (Feat. Future) (Prod. By Mike Maven)
05. For The Night Feat. Neno Calvin (Prod. By Zaytoven)
06. Flag On The Play Feat. Skip (Prod. By Zaytoven & Cassius J)
07. All I Know
08. Hangin On Feat. Lil Cali, Skip (Prod. By Mike Maven)
09. Listen Feat. Daniel Heartless, TY, Young Juv (Prod. By Cassius J)
10. Ready To Go Feat. S 80 (Prod. By S 80)
11. Stranger
12. That's On Everything (Prod. By Sinista on the Traxx )
13. My Nina Hollygrove Keem (Prod. By Vango Beats)
14. Uptown D Boy Lack Feat. Birdman
15. Winner Feat. Young Juv, Lil Solja Slim, Daniel Heartless (Prod. By Mike Maven)
16. My Niggaz Remix Feat. Skip, Lil Cali, Future (Prod. By Mike Maven)
17. MILF Feat. Mannie Fresh [Clean Mix] (Prod. By DJ Spin)
18. MILF Feat. Mannie Fresh (Prod. By DJ Spin)
19. I Show Love Remix (Prod. By Mike Maven)
20. Straight To The Money Official Feat. Fire Finish (Prod. By Fire)

C-Murder - Aint No Heaven In The Pen (New Album)

01. Intro (feat. Callipoe Doefus)
02. Don’t Test Me (feat. Al, Big Be & Bloc Boyz Click)
03. For My Homies Dead & Gone (feat. Boosie Badazz & Lil Kano)
04. Who Really Cares (feat. Montez)
05. What You Lookin At (feat. Al, Calliope Doefus, G-Dinero & Shy Glizzy)
06. Hard 2 Be Black (feat. Snoop Dogg & Boosie Badazz)
07. Interlude (feat. Calliope Doefus)
08. All I Wanted 2 Be (Remix)
09. Yall Heard of Us (feat. Lil Soulja Slim)
10. Lifes Hard (feat. Adrian E, Big Be & Bloc Boyz Click)
11. Tru Justice Movement (feat. Jigga)
12. Outro (feat. Calliope Doefus)