August 11, 2015

Open Letter to Our Youth from Mr. Meana of Partners & Crime

By: Michael “Mr. Meana” Patterson

Hey young world, I dearly wish you all the best in life, but to reach your fullest potential you all need the right mindset.

Life offers us what we believe it to be. I was once told that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. When I was younger that statement didn’t mean as much, but today it means everything. The key to having a successful life depends on the individual’s mindset. Think before doing, because every step of life has a consequence – good or bad.

I know a lot of us were dealt a bad hand from conception, but it doesn’t determine the outcome. Decisions do. Murder is a careless act of bravery. The act alone haunts one’s soul and makes the individual heartless. Young people, we must learn to cherish life. Some of the things you all kill another person behind is foolish. I was talking to guy I once was at odds with, and we were glad that we didn’t shoot and kill one another because we both have families today that we love dearly. The beef we had was real as the beef you have today, but we cherished life enough to fight and then let be. We are friends today and grateful we didn’t end our lives because we had differences.

As human beings we don’t see life the same, but that doesn’t give us the right to take one’s life. I know this letter won’t change the world or the views of every youth, but if it can change one, I feel it’s worth it. Make wise and positive choices to get positive results. Life is a karma operation so beware of the mirror effect. Life gives us what we give it. The mirror can only reflect what’s shown to it, so beware of what reflection you give it.

I wrote this letter because I’m tired of the senseless murders and disrespect we as a people have for humanity. Try God, try love, live life to fullest, believe, and achieve greatness. If no one ever told you, I’ll say I love you and your life is priceless.

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