May 14, 2012

(Throwback) Big Tymers - Back Up ft. Juvenile

 Track #8 of Big Tymers "Big Money Heavyweight" album featuring Gillie da Kid and Juvenile. 
Juvenile kills his verse! Enjoy the song! Here are the lyrics; 

[Verse 3 : Juvenile]

Gimme the roovie Juvie the shooter
Try to follow my pandemonium point I’m gon lose ya
Look around there’s some niggas not with me
Some of them dead, some of them doin bout 50
UTP you better stand up it’s the general
Bringin back the era of the criminal
Look I got my own scene, got my own scheme
Got killas so basically I’m doin my own thing
I drive a 7-6-0 strapped up waitin at the light for the hero
It’s kinda hot outside niggas done shot blue eyes
That’s fucked up cuz my connect dropped me 5
I’ma excersize my right to get this cheese
I don’t have to put in work nigga my bitch will squeeze
I ain’t positive I’m a black man
So watch your mouth playa cuz you can catch a back hand

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