February 19, 2014

Advertisement; C-Murder Message From Prison!

To all yall niccas out there still using my TRU name and logo and affiliations, please STOP immediately!. Why are you still misguiding the world like we are a team when the truth is, its only me, if you are trying to figure out if Im talkin about you, then simply ask yourself this one question; are you doing one fucking thing to benefit me? Please stop stunting and faking and leave my name and company out ya motherfuckin mouth! and take all TRU logos and such of your websites and advertisements. If not, I will follow up verbally and speak directly to single you out. If your name is not G-Dinero, JP or MO, then Im talking to you, this will be my last being Mr. Nice Guy, this does not include my fans. 

Peace and reman TRU.


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