November 27, 2011

B.G. Heading To Trial In December; Associate Gets 22 Years

Former Cash Money Records rapper BG will stand trial for gun and obstruction of justice charges early next month. BG, born Christopher Dorsey, was arrested in November of 2009, after police stopped him in a stolen Chevy Tahoe on November.

A search of the vehicle uncovered three guns and two loaded magazines and two extended clips, resulting in charges for BG and the vehicle’s two other occupants. In May of 2011, prosecutors charged BG, Fedison and a third man named Demounde Pollard, with conspiracy.

Earlier this week one of the three men, 29-year-old Jerod Fedison, was sentenced to 22 years in prison for the incident. BG and Fedison are accused of attempting to coerce Pollard into taking the blame for possession of all three guns.

Of the three men, Pollard, who was 17 at the time of his arrest, was the only one without a criminal record. Prosecutors claim they caught Fedison on a recorded call from prison, instructing Pollard’s girlfriend to take the charges the importance of the issue.

Pollard eventually agreed to take the charges, but he later began cooperating with authorities. He is currently serving 30 months in prison.

BG is a convicted felon who has been arrested multiple times over the years. The rapper, who has a lenghy rap sheet for drugs and other charges, will stand trial on December 12.

BG has pleaded not guilty. If he is convicted he faces up to 10 years in prison.

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