February 25, 2011

Juvenile Next Project To Be On Rap-A-Lot

In 2004, New Orleans, Louisiana rapper Juvenile and his UTP group released The Beginning of the End on Houston, Texas' famed Rap-A-Lot Records imprint. While Juvenile is best known as a Cash Money Records artist, as he was in the '90s and early '00s, the Hot Boys member has had more recent stints with Atlantic Records and E1 Entertainment. In a brief-but-rare interview with Rap-A-Lot's head, James "J." Prince, revealed to TheSource.com that Juvy has returned to the house that The Geto Boys built.

"We don't have a title for [Juvenile's album] yet. He has a real exciting single that I'm real crazy about. If I have it my way, the whole Cash Money crew is gonna be on there. They were family in the beginning, and I look at it and view 'em as family now," said Prince, presumably referring to Juvenile's former group, the Hot Boys - which consisted of B.G., Turk and Lil Wayne.

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