February 23, 2011

Hitz International (Media Kit)


HITZ International is a New Orleans, Louisiana based powerhouse, headed up by the legendary Black Menace & Partners N Crime. Formerly of Big Boy Records, one of the country’s first multi-million dollar earning independent labels, HITZ International is one of the best underground and attractive labels of Louisiana.

Here is a little description of each artists:

JAY JONES is a young lyricist with talent beyond reproach. He’s the song of J-Dawg from Black Menace, which means he has had instilled in him since a young age, immeasurable talent & wisdom of the music industry. Jay Jones will be a name that will be seen for many decades to come, and one that rivals talent from around the country. He is currently preparing to drop his second mixtape project, “Only If You Kool Enough 2”, and young Jay is working hard to brand his Chill Society Movement. Given Jay Jones’ solid charm & versatility, the sky is the limit for this young talent.

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Twitter: @JayJ0nes

THE SMASH BROS; Comprised of Chedda Man & T-Stacks, this duo brings the trap to mainstream. Lyrically blessed with clever & catchy rhymes, the Smash Bros are set to pick up where many a young rapper left off. In addition to their music, the Smash Bros are working on a documentary about their lives, along with quite a few other projects in the entertainment industry. The Smash Bros bring a street level appeal to the industry, while identifying with entertaining the masses.

Twitter: @SmashBrosChedda

STY is a New Orleans RnB sensation, Sty’s music brings us back to an era where you could feel the music as well as hear it. Sty is that artist who can make you visualize his lyrics, as he brings them alive through his magnificent voice & brilliant delivery.

BLAZE (formerly of the Blockburnaz) – Having been one of the youngest rap artists to have a successful career as a young teen, Blaze is currently working on much more than rap. He’s also delving deeper into the RnB side of music, as well as working with the HITZ legends; J-Dawg of Black Menace and Mr. Meana and Kango Slimm of Partners N Crime. Blaze is truly coming into his own; he is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off stage.


BOSSMAN SUPERIOR; Bossman owns the stage from the moment he steps on it that means the mic is already his. He has a solid perspective on the streets, politics, and many other aspects of city life, yet Bossman is able to blend fluidly with people from all walks of life. A “504” original, Bossman has made it his mission to enable others to understand struggle, as well as the highs lows of life, as it pertains to ultimate success. This young man most definitely has what it takes to make it in the music industry; it remains to be seen to what level this prolific talent can take his career.

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We also would be glad to make Black Menace or Partners N Crime, two legendary New Orleans groups, available for interview/feature.

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