January 3, 2011

Interview with Sinista On Da Traxxx


- Who is Sinista and where is he from?
I’m from the Lower 9th Ward born and raised in the Florida Housing Projects.

- How did you get started in the music business?
My uncle was a concert promoter built a studio back in 91 I used to sneak and teach myself to use the equipment.

- What are the artists that you're working right now?
I'm working on a group project Mannie Fresh and Raw D.I. aka Dizzy Putting together called Fresh 2 Death and a new artist out of Lafayette La named Wochee.

- Are you still working with Juvenile & UTP Records?
I’m no longer signed to UTP Records but me and Juvie still cool and do business.

- What is your favourite productions?
My favorite track that I produced was the "Whats Happenin" track I did on Juvenile's gold selling “Reality Check” album.

- What are your plans for the future?
My plans are as they have always been to make my name a house hold name and put out some quality music.

- Are you putting your album out independently or looking for a major distributor?
I’m working on a album that I will drop if the timing is right.

- Are you keeping your style the same or adjusting to the times
I’m mixing the two to create something different but still remain true to my sound

- Who are/were your main influences in your respected career?
Mannie Fesh has been a huge influence in my career. He did every last track for Cash Money back in the day and a lot of producers cant do that.

- What effect did the storm have on New Orleans music? Can it rebuild?
It has a huge impact on the music scene. It can rebuild but it will take some time

- When you are not touring or in the studio how do you spend your free time?
At my house chilling or at the studio playing PS3.

- Were you close to Soulja Slim?
Me and Soulja Slim where real cool. I’m sorry I only got to do one track for him, the song I did is a New Orleans Classic called "Heata On Me " feat. B.G. & Lil Real One.

- Anything else you want to say?
Be on the look out for big things from me

Thank you Sinista for your time.

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