January 27, 2011

Breaking News: JUVENILE is NOT back with CMR!

TODAY, in a talk I had with UTP Records' in-house producer, C. Smith. He notified me that the info being given to me these past few months about Juvenile being signed back to Cash Money Records as a solo artist are not what they seem. According to C. Smith, Juvenile is only back with Universal Records. He has not signed a "solo" contract with Cash Money as expected. He only has a "group" contract with the label. Juvenile is more of a CMR affiliate now. Still in contact, but just not signed to the label.

He says that Juve's
new album will be dropping real soon. Most likely I believe in the 2nd Quarter of 2011. Due to the false information being sent around the internet it can be easy to except the fact that Juvenile may, or may not, have signed back fully with his former label.

next release is tentatively titled, "400 Degreez II". There is also rumors it could be called "800 Degreez". With all this speculation surrounding his label position, UTP Records is still moving strong and C. Smith confirms it. Regardless, Juvenile is on UTP/Universal and is an affiliate of Cash Money Records. If one day he truly signs completely back like B.G., then we hope to hear real news on the subject.

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Sup wit Juvie nowdays brah?