May 25, 2011

8th Anniversary of Cash Money Degreez

Today is the 8th anniversary of Cash Money Degreez.

Since 2003 we support the Louisiana hip-hop movement. From Cash Money Records to No Limit, from Take' Fo to TRU Records.

All rappers and producers got the posibility to be here. I'm currently promoting the work of some artists across the river; Jason Lyric, Magnolia Chop, Sinista, Dizzy, Raj Smoove, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, M-11, Mannie Fresh, Turk, C-Murder, Mac, Dee-1, Snipe, Gar, VL Mike, Lil Slim, Dj Hektik, C-Smith, Stevie Drumma, KLC, Skip, Wacko, Merk, Bonka, B.G., 6-Shot, Soulja Slim and many more. ..

I'm working on a few interviews toTurk, Dizzy, Jason Lyric... but in some of this cases, I'm waiting the reply of his managers. Also, I'm working in release some mixtapes that only a few people got in the world with the help of my brother of CHOPPERBULLETS blog. With that work, I'recovering rare stuff to (these) not lose over the years.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversay. I been lurking ever since day one. You don't get the recognition you deserve for holding it down for as long as you have and providing quality exclusives.

- Van Davis aka VDPlaya/VDeezy/VDizzle

MoneyMack said...

VD! My boy. Good to see ya on here fam.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lil late but congrats - CCR Boy

karinabartram said...

Happy anniversary. Cash money records is a record label founded. Today it operates as a subsidiary of universal motown.

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Unknown said...

The release of Juvenile's 1998 album 400 Degreez, which was certified 4X Platinum by the RIAA, solidified Cash Money as a powerful label in the national ...
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