December 5, 2016

Mannie Fresh interview @ Da Takeover Podcast

Mannie Fresh recently took part in a interview with the people of "The Takeover" podcast in New Orleans. In there they touch on a lot of shit in here. That's good to see that somebody knows about his story and his catalog sat down to chop it up with him.

04:20 - DJ'ing at an early age up to now. Some of the new stuff being watered down.
11:00 - How he grew into producing & working with Gregory D
15:30 - Discovering and working with Mac. Mac going w/ No Limit instead of CMR.
17:00 - Starting up w/ CMR & shaping the label. UNLV & Mystikal
22:45 - Meeting Juvie for the first time
28:45 - 400 Degreez being the big release breaking nationwide
33:00 - CMR not wanting him to produce outside the label. Wayne and the BLM controversy
42:00 - New Orleans not sounding the same as it used to. CMR's demise
49:00 - Working on Biggie's Born Again. Biggie showing love to the south. Working w/ T.I. on "Top Back" & secrets behind him saying "I'ma show y'all niggas what to do wit a Mannie beat!"

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