April 2, 2014

Free Mac Wednesdays (A Letter from Mac)

My name is McKinley Phipps Jr. and in September of 2001 I was convicted of manslaughter and later sentenced to 30 years in prison in connection with a shooting death that occurred on February 21,2000 at a niteclub in Slidell,La. The victim in this unfortunate incident was Barron Victor Jr., a 19-year-old Alton man with a promising future. 

I was 22 at the time and was then a resident of  East Baton Rouge. I'd attended the club that night with my parents, a few family members, and some friends. It was shortly after midnight that a fight would erupt on the dancefloor between certain members of our group and local patrons of the club. Details vary from the different witnesses as to what happened next, but when the smoke cleared, one man lay unconscious, and another lay suffering from a gun shot wound in is upper left arm. He would eventually succumb to his injuries. Hours later, deputies from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's office arrived at my home to detain me as a fugitive of St. Tammany. I waived my rights, and after what appeared to be a brief search of my residence, St. Tammany's detectives arrived and led me to a nearby substation to conduct an interrogation. 

Days after my arrest, the actual shooter, came forth and confessed to shooting the victim, claiming that he did so in self defense. Investigators released him immediately claiming that they'd already received information that he was somehow compensated for his confession. Of course, neither this alleged information nor its source was ever brought forth. The allegation itself served a purpose nevertheless. It was used in court to deny me a bail, and as a result deny me the right to gather the facts that I needed to effectively present my defense. For the record, I am aware that convicts claiming their innocence is certainly not uncommon. In fact, so many whom are actually guilty have made this claim that true injustice is sometimes reduced to a side bar conversation. 

For this reason, I encourage all whom may have even the slightest interest to read my transcripts. Feel free to draw your own conclusions as for my innocence or guilt. My only plea is that you exam the facts thoroughly. By no means do I claim to be a saint. I am a flawed individual who would like to change a lot about myself. What I am not however, is a murderer. I never met Barron nor did he ever give me a reason to take his life. The parents of this young man have thus far been convinced that I am the man who killed their beloved son. The victims parents were not eyewitnesses to this crime however, and have therefore based their assumption of my guilt on the State's case against me. 

If you or anyone you know have information that can help me prove my innocence to the family of this victim, contact me at: McKinley Phipps Jr. #445656, P.O. Box 174, E.H.CC. Golf-2-D, St. Gabriel, LA 70776 or through jpay.com using D.O.C.#445656. 

On behalf of me and my family thanks to everyone for their continued support

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