December 16, 2013

Turk, Mannie Fresh & Juvenile Bury After Concert Drama

Turk, Mannie Fresh, and Juvenile were set to perform at a Hot Boys concert in Jackson, Mississippi over the weekend, but a week ago, Turk was kicked out of the gig. Turk's booking agent was told that either Mannie Fresh or Juvenile were the ones to make the decision to kick him off the show.

"I got a phone call from my booking agent about a week ago and he told me that they didn't want me on the show, that either Juve or Mannie's management called the promoter and told them either it's going to be them, which is Juve and Mannie Fresh, not showing up to the show or they would have to take me off and they're not getting their money back because they won't show up."

Turk was insistent about there being no beef between him, Juvenile, and Mannie Fresh, and revealed that any animosity between them was smoothed over when he arrived at the show. The "Young & Thuggin'" rapper tweeted out to his fans;

His message was followed by an update from Juvenile, who wrote;

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