August 29, 2013

Bronco - Nowadays (Official Video)

Have you ever seen someone walking a dog that seemed more interested in pouncing on anything within reach than taking that walk? Many who have encountered such a sight know full well that the humans who walk these dogs will occasionally taunt that dog only to jerk the chain back to the canine’s own dismay. But, what would happen if the owner did let that animal go with a simple command of “get em?”

For the past year, EGMG has been touting its own “Gert Town Hound,” Bronco, who is set to release his first mixtape under EGMGLifeStyle, aptly titled “Get Em”, on August 30th. Refusing to sit idly by, that year was spent acclimating the world to the self-proclaimed goon of EGMG who has intentions of punching you in the face both literally and lyrically. Examples of Bronco’s uncut flow with a desire to bring his team as well as himself to the top by any means necessary can be heard on the “Under the Influence” mixtape he did with EGMG’s own The SHOW where the contradictory styles of the two blend into a perfect harmony reminiscent of K-Ci and JoJo, Limp Bizkit and Jay-Z, or Lil Wayne and MAYDAY. 

Bronco (@Lo_Namath) can also be heard on the EGMG and NOMW collaboration ”Next Up,” which features John Doe, The SHOW, and Ace B. Bronco was also a frequent contributor to the #EGMGHotSummer series which he has used to garner a buzz for his own solo project.

EGMG’s own The Show has been setting the scene for this with his adlib that’s the same as the title of the mixtape on every track that he and Bronco have done together as if he’s the one holding the chain letting you know that “this beast will attack you as soon as I let him go. “ Get Em” has the same sound that EGMG fans have come to appreciate with production from familiar names like Ceaux Young, Stevie Drumma, and EGMG’s own Smurf. There are also features from Show, Ace B, and John Doe of New Orleans Most Wanted which guarantee to make this one episode of when animals attack one you won’t regret.

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