November 21, 2012

Mac & C-Murder Full Pardon Petition to Obama Admin.


WE petition the Obama Administration to:

Grant a full pardon to McKinley Phipps Jr and Corey Miller.

Convicted by a corrupt/racist Louisiana judicial system!

In September 2001, McKinley Phipps Jr was wrongfully convicted of manslaughter and was imposed a 30 year sentence. Even though 1 of the 2 witnesses recanted her statement on the stand. The other witness a felon with new charges looming over him, lied so he could work a deal with the then DA office to avoid jail time.

 In September 2007, Corey Miller was wrongfully convicted of murder. Although the sole witness perjured himself on the stand and the forensic experts stated that there was no physical evidence to tie Mr Miller to the crime. He was sentenced to life. 

Both are high profile music artists that had strong ties in the community, especially the youth. 
Both became victims of the super corrupt Louisiana judicial system.Both lost considerable time from their families.
We seek full pardon!

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