August 19, 2012

Juvenile Talks Meek Mill’s Remake of “Ha”

Meek Mill’s debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, is one of the most anticipated rap albums left in this calendar year. And it’s sure to be even more anticipated considering Meek has secured a special collaboration with Juvenile, remaking one of New Orleans rhyme slinger’s most classic records.
“Meek Mill remixed ‘Ha,’ and I’m on it,” Juvenile revealed to “It ain’t out yet but be looking for that. It’s gon’ be on his album.”

Similar to what Drake did with “Practice,” remaking Juvie’s “Back That Azz Up,” Meek chose to remix the classic banger “Ha,” which helped propel Cash Money Records into national acclaim. Meek came up with the idea to get Juvenile on it after he finished his verse, yet it took some swift maneuvering by Juve to make it work.

“I know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody that he know, and we all plugged up like that,” the New Orleans rhyme slinger clarified. “But, nah. I saw him on the Internet singing his part; somebody sent it to me on Twitter like, ‘Check this out’ and, I clicked on it. ‘Whoa, Meek Mill singin Ha! They done remixed the song.’ He ended with, ‘Man, I gotta get Juvie on this!’ So, I started calling around trying to find out who I know to get in touch with him, and I got in touch with him.”

Juve made sure to tell XXL that he goes hard on the track as well.

“I’m snappin’ on it too,” the former Cash Money member said. “I haven’t heard his part yet. I heard his part already ’cause he rapped it to me on the phone, and I heard it. But, I ain’t hear it together yet. He clownin’ on it.”

Meek, whose Flamerz series’ covers are eerily reminiscent of the cover to Juve’s LP  400 Degreez  will just feature himself and Juve on the track, but Mannie Fresh will not be handling the production.

“Matter fact, that’s who sent it to me—Jahlil [Beats],” Juve recalled. “So, it’s produced by Jahlil, and it’s kinda like the regular ‘Ha,’ but he took the music off the hook. He got it fresh; he changed it up a lil bit.”

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