March 1, 2012

Yung Beezy (Unsigned Hype)

Growing up he listened to No Limit Soldiers and Cash Money their musicblaring in his city and people singing their songs was what motivatedhim to start his career in the music industry.At the age of eighteen Yung Beezy met Priest a local producer who opened his studios to him. Hearing the tracks they were producing after a couple of visits he was determined to get his rapping career started. Yung Beezy said rapper Young Jeezy is also of great influence to his career.

The topics that he raps about are very relatable and remind him of his brother. He spoke upon everything my brother did and I know my brother a real soulja so I figure Young Jeezy was tooî he said. Being in the game professionally for three years Yung Beezy said he has his eyes open for the fakes and those who will go out their way to jeopardize his career. Working with the likes of RizzleEddie LeePriestTwinn from (BEP) and having done tracks on a lot of SoundClick productions Yung Beezy just ped his official mixtape called ë3rd Time The Charm. Yung Beezy said his music addresses life and the daily struggle that people through. He is currently working on shooting and directing his videos.

Coming out of New Orleans where there this still a lot of work to be done after the passing of hurricane Kartrina he hopes to be very successful in order to help his city revive from the damage that was done. With upcoming performancesYung Beezy continues to grind his hardest

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