February 5, 2012

Mannie Fresh Interview With HipHopDX.com

One of the South's original sonic architects says he is "proud" of Big K.R.I.T., confused by Cash Money's newest signee, thankful to Kanye and humbled by Dr. Dre.

For a guy who has helped sell over 20 million records, Mannie Fresh is remarkably humble. With his lengthy and impressive resume, it is hard to believe that the former sonic supplier to Cash Money Records can still genuinely show gratitude to the current throne-occupying producer/rapper that at one time could have conceivably become his successor as CMR’s head trackmaster and literally get geeked at the mere mention of the name Dr. Dre.

But in his latest eye-popping conversation with HipHopDX, one of the South’s first certified hitmakers did just that. In addition to heaping praise on fresh talent like fellow New Orleans native Dee-1 and Mississippi’s hottest new export, Mannie spoke admiringly of the Midwest megastar he once unselfishly shared his tools of the trade with (and who might soon become his labelmate) as well as the West Coast legend who recently sought out the Bounce music pioneer to talk shop with.

The sincere star in his own right concluded his discussion with DX by speaking in a surprisingly gracious manner about the admittedly surprising turn his working relationship with another N.O. notable just took, and revealed whether or not that partnership can ever be salvaged.

HipHopDX: Since Big K.R.I.T. leaked the first joint from his upcoming 4evaNaDay mixtape today (February 2nd), that “Boobie Miles” joint, I wanted to commemorate the start of what will probably be a third straight all-star season for K.R.I.T. by getting one of his Southern forefather’s thoughts on the Meridian, Mississippi producer/rapper.

Mannie Fresh: I really think [Big K.R.I.T. is] that dude. ‘Cause he’s doing different things and branching out. I personally never really kicked it with him, but I’m proud of what the dude is doing. He’s one of those kids who I definitely wanna work with in the future. He’s more than just a Rap song.

DX: Another one of your production descendants, Kane Beatz, cited you as one of his inspirations in his recent HipHopDX interview. Do you feel like Andre 3000 when you hear all this praise from the younger generation though: “Kiddo say he looks up to me, this just makes me feel old.” [Laughs]

Mannie Fresh: Well, I mean, I did the same thing. I had idols and stuff, the people that I looked up to. So I’m just glad that there’s kids that where it counts acknowledge me. Because, sometimes you can feel like, “Hey dude, y’all just took that and ran with it. Nobody ain’t say a ‘Thank you’ for it yet.” So when it counts, I’m glad it happens like that. To me, that’s success. It ain’t about the money or whatever you measure it on, it’s just for somebody else to say “My whole thing, what I grew up on, was Mannie Fresh. That’s my dude.”

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It's hard to beleive that Cash Money let Mannie Fresh go like that. wtf