September 13, 2011

Interview with Jason Lyric

- Whats happenin Jason Lyric? What's going on?
I'm blessed by the best homie, couldn't complain even if I tried to.

- Explain details about your artist name; where is it from?
Well my real name is Jason, and I've always been know as a lyrical rapper. So the name was pretty easy to come up with.

- How is a day in the Jason Lyric life?
Other than me actually being a rapper, I really don't live a 'rapper' life. If I'm not working on music, I'm doing something with my daughter, I don't really party to much, real laid back cat. I love basketball and politics and good food! LOL

- What is your current situation? Are you signed to TRU Records or Power & Money?
I rock with TRU, I'm not under contract but once C-Murder gives you that stamp, that's what it is. Nah, I'm not signed to Power & Money but I got nothing but love and respect for Ceto, Marcello, Hot Beezo and Pimpin’ Magnolia.

You can expect to hear me doing records with them in the near future.

- Whats goin’ on with TRU Records?
TRU Records is still moving, the big homie is locked up but were out here holding it down doing our thang. Me, M11 & Skrill Dilly just remade "Fuck Them Other Niggas" it's epic! I think the record will get the TRU movement back where it needs to be in the rap game.

- How did you get started in the music business?
My cousin Leslie 'Tutie' Foe was heavily involved with one of the most influential rap groups to come out of N.O. 39 Posse (KLC, Mushatte, Dart... etc) and I always was fascinated with the moves they were making in the city. So I would have to say it all started there for me.

- Who are/were your main influences in your career?
My cousin Tutie, No Limit, Cash Money and 2pac

- Are you plannin’ to release a album? Independently or looking for a major distributor?
Yes my debut album "Breath of Fresh Air" will be released the end of 2012, with or without major distribution, but me and my team are in huge negotiations right now, I can't speak on it just yet though.


CUESTIONARY (Submitted by Fans)

- What makes you smile? Making my daughter smile ALWAYS makes me smile.

- How do feel about being a dad? Is it hard? I love being a dad, my daughter is my best friend and motivation, she's my biggest fan. It's a tough job but it's life, I don't know what I would do without her.

- Are u single or are you looking for love? Single and lonely lol j/p

- What inspired you to write the ‘Zone Out’ song? I just wanted to do something different. I knew it was something totally different from any other artist from New Orleans, And that's what I'm all about standing out.

Jason Lyric - Zone Out (Official Video)

- Does C-Murder and Master P have beef? I don't know, but I know they are brothers so if it is a problem I'm sure it can be fixed.

- Would you date someone who’s not in the music business? Definitely! I'm already a grounded person but I'd rather date just a 'regular' girl to ensure that I STAY grounded because this industry can turn you into a monster.

- Do you like or love making music? I LOVE making music, it is truly a passion. I make music for the love of it not the money.
- Who is your favourite rapper? 2 pac

- And your favourite producer? KLC aka The Medizine Man

- What is your definition of ULTIMATE success? Ultimate success for me is being a successful artist and eventually building my own music empire to help other artist live their dream.

- Who would you like to collaborate with? Sade, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry


- I remember when I heard you the first time in a UNLV mixtape; how is the experience to record with a legendary group of New Orleans? 

Those are my big homies for real, I've been knowing them dudes all my life. I haven't spoke to either one of them in a few years but it's still love, they gave me a lot of knowledge about the game.

- Are u still living in N.O.?
Yes I'm still here, I'm not going anywhere, no little Katrina water is gonna run me away from the city I love.

- What effect did the storm have on New Orleans music? Can it rebuild?
It had an effect because people lost their homes and some even lost their loved ones. So if you have no place to stay, chances are music is the LAST thing on your mind.

The whole Katrina situation really made people appreciate their lives and the people in it. Yes it can rebuild but let's be honest here, the government isn't in any rush to rebuild a city where most of the population was poor/middle class African American.

- Whats happenin in New Orleans? A lot of artists was murdered (Yella, VL Mike, Soulja Slim, Pimp Daddy...) Last was Magnolia Shorty, what you think about this situation?
It's really a unfortunate situation in New Orleans with all of these murders, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of all of those rappers you just named.

My city needs prayers, God is the only force that can stop this senseless violence, I've lost my brother, cousin and best friend to murder on New Orleans so I feel the pain first hand.

- Were you close to Soulja Slim?
I knew Slim, he was a real cat, a legend, it's just unfortunate he didn't get the worldwide praise he deserved until he was murdered.

- What u know about current B.G.’s situation in jail?
I don't know what's B.G. situation is right now, I've heard so many stories but I won't speak on what I don't know but all I can say is I hope he makes it out of that cell, it's a war against rappers right now.

They're locking rappers up for bullshit, but I'm real cool with his people so I hope he comes home and gets back to the money.

- Being that you rock with C-Murder… are you willing to do sings with Master P or any No Limit artists?
Well that's a good question, I mean to be perfectly honest with you I don't know what's the current situation with Master P and C-Murder, but I stay out of family business.

I don't have any problems with any of the artists on No Limit, I'm actually cool with a few of them. Me and Bengie good, and me and T-Bo good, but I would run it by Cee first.

- What is your favourite song of your discography?
I would have to say "Woman" of my mixtape 'The Whole TRUth" because I had my mom and daughter in mind when I made that record. I was basically letting women know you are beautiful no matter what'.

- What are your plans for the future?
My future plans are you just make the best music I can possibly make god willing.

- Are you looking for a US Tour?
Definitely! I'm actually about to go on a 10 city tour through the south. I wanna go everywhere they like hip hop at!

- What do you think about today´s rap beefs?

 I don't know.. I'm from New Orleans, where I'm from we don't "Rap beef" we beef for real!

- Anything else you want to say?
I would just like to give you a shout out homie for this interview, 1 love to all my fans out there, Free C-Murder and if you wanna know what's going on with me checkout the website:

interview by kruze


Upt kevin said...

Dope interview, J lyric is one of my favorite rappers from N.O

Anonymous said...

Kid sounds like he's got sum sense, not just another ignorant rapper

Mike b said...

Dude seems like he has a good head on his shoulders.