July 28, 2011

Interview with Lil Slim

INTERVIEW with Lil Slim (Former Cash Money Records member)

01 - Who is Lil Slim and where is he from?
I’m Mikel Pettis from New Orleans Hollygrove section... Apple & Eagle to be exact!!!

02 - How did you get started in the music business? How did you get your deal with Cash Money Records?
Rapping at a local night club, guy approached me and gave me Slim and Baby's number....

03 - Back to the first Cash Money days… who was in 'Black Connection 226'? Was it a rap group, a street gang… or something between?
It was a rap group, that they made up after local 580....

Local 580 was a group formed by the members of CMR with Lil Slim, Pimp Daddy, B.G., Mr Ivan and PxMxWx and Black Connection 226 was another group formed after this group.
His members were Kilo G, Lil Ya, B.G., Tec-9, Ms Tee, Yella Boy)

04 - What did you think when Raw II Survive dissed you and other Cash Money artists back in 1994?
We really didn't pay any attention to it...I can't tell you who that is to this day!!!

05 - Why is there 2 versions from your “Da Game Is Cold” tape? (One with Pimp Daddy and one without him)
Because Pimp was under contract and couldn't legally record with me at the time....

06 - What was the first music video filmed for Cash Money Records? Kilo G – Sleepwalker or UNLV – Eddie Bow? Or neither?
I believe it was Kilo G....

Pimp Daddy, Lil Slim & Big Heavy of PxMxWx
07 - Who was Dj Indo and Dj Crack Out? What happened to them?
Dj Crack Out was none other than Mannie Fresh....

08 - After you broke with Cash Money, what did you do?
I formed my own record lable called Franchise Player Ent.

09 - Where there any other rap beefs you had in your career besides the one with Raw II Survive? We remember that Big Boy never dissed you in person but you might was involved too?
No... I never participated in any of that....

10 - Who are/were your main influences in your career?
Snoop, LL Cool J, Eazy E, Ice Cube.....

11 - Are you still in contact with any Cash Money Records former members?
No...not currently

12 - Why was your album "Let The Streets Be Tha Court" never released on South Coast Music Group like supposed to?
I never signed any paperwork to be an artist on South Coast.

13 - Why did you release your latest releases as "download only" and no hard copys?
We are in a new age where everything is digital...were as hard copy are traditional and only a few artist are still releasing on hard copy.

14 - Who’s your top 3 New Orleans rappers besides yourself?
Weezy, Black Menace and Soulja Slim....

15 - What is your favorite Cash Money CD/Tape besides the ones you released?
B.G. - It's All On You Vol. 1

16 - Who’s the best producer you have ever worked with?
Mannie Fresh, but my young producer now is a hog Shout WhoIzzy!!!

17 - Would you like to work with Mannie Fresh again?
It's possible but not mandatory, Wayne is having great success without Fresh and so can I...

18 - We know that you played a big role in Wayne getting his start in the rap-game and you and Juvenile practically grew up together. Can we see in a future a collabo with Lil Wayne or Juvenile?
Anything's possible...I'm not opposed to it, I would welcome it...

19 - What’s your favorite album to be ever released in New Orleans?
Give it 2 em Raw - Souja Slim

20 - What do you think about New Orleans artists that came up after you?Who's your favourite? I think they represented well and my favorite is my lil homie Weezy!!!!

21 - Can we expect some new music from you? What’s your future projects?
Already in the studio working on some new material, just shot two new music videos...."Indian Fire" and " It's Hot" that you can view on Youtube....

Much Luv!!! 

LIL SLIM G.O.D off Eagle St.....

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