April 11, 2011

ProjectsNeverDone (1) Hakim - Street Poetry

Artist: Hakim aka Hakizzle
Album: Street Poetry (2003)
Label: Chopper City Records
REASON: Never known. Only released the promo like a EP


Unknown said...

Idk wtf this album was never released! I heard the track
' If I Have 2 ' and ' My Year '
And thought Hakim was dope asf n he has a unique ass voice too,
But besides the songs that are on YouTube of his are literally the only ones on the entire internet and it's only like 4 tracks from the album, there was one more added and it was removed within the last month or two, and it was the best one, the reason behind the removal is beyond me!!!!!!!

Street Poetry said...

So when road runner high speed came out and after Napster, I think it was lime wire to download music, I found Hakim " If I Have 2 " but it was under Lil Wayne - Blocka Blocka. Idk why. But. I was gonna check out the song I figured was called Blocka Blocka by lil wayne but it ended up being Hakim If I have 2 and I instantly thought it was dope, at the time I had JUST heard of Hakim which was BGs lil brother and only heard one song by him and BG and I knew it was Hakim from his very distinctive voice, just like BGs and all cash money at that, but I showed all my people n they liked it alot cuz it was different but I had no idea what the real name of the song was at that time and there wasn't ways to find out like there are now but now ik the name of the album n all that. I seen that there is a remix on the album but the album was n has never been released so all n all I and Noone will ever get to hear anything from the album unless it's already released and uploaded online the songs that haven't ever been. Never will be. There for. I'm annoyed by that